“You will all die” – children describe attacks on the school in Uvalde

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“You will all die” – children describe attacks on the school in Uvalde

Children mourn the victims of the massacre at a primary school in Uvalde, kneeling in front of crosses with hearts raised in memory of the victims. Now survivors are talking about the bloody incident.

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After the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which left 21 dead, surviving children reported extensively on the incident for the first time. Several students apparently escaped with distress and hardly death. US President Joe Biden and his wife will visit the crime scene.

“You’re all going to die,” 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos said as he entered the classroom, 10-year-old Samuel Salinas told ABC News about last Tuesday’s attack. Then Ramos shot and probably aimed at him, but a chair deflected the bullet. Samuel was hit in the leg by a grenade shrapnel. “I was playing dead so he would not shoot me,” the boy said in the interview.

11-year-old Miah Cerrillo told an unfilmed testimony to CNN that she smeared herself with the blood of a dead classmate lying next to her, pretending to be dead. The girl was wounded in the shoulder and head by shrapnel during the attack in the small town of Texas.

One of her two teachers in the classroom tried to close the classroom door, but the shooter was already there, Miah said according to CNN. The attacker looked at the teacher and said “good night”. Then he shot her and aimed at her colleague and some students.

The police in Uvalde admit mistakes

The girl and a friend managed to call the police with the dead teacher’s phone: “Please come, please come,” they begged when they called, the eleven-year-old reported.

At the time, she assumed police had not arrived at the scene. Later, she was told by adults that the police were already there. “Why did they not come in, why did they not save us?” she asked the crying CNN reporter.

Police have now admitted errors. Texas Public Safety Commissioner Steven McCraw said it was the “wrong decision” not to storm the classroom earlier, where the gunman was trapped with children.

Nightmares and hair loss: children in shock

A student named Daniel told the Washington Post that even though his teacher was bleeding on the floor, she kept telling the children, “‘Keep calm. Stay where you are. Do not move.'” No one screamed as they waited. police.

According to the report, Daniel has not been able to sleep alone since the act of violence and is plagued by nightmares. His mother explained that he and his classmates would have to deal with the horrific experience “their whole lives”.

According to his own statement, Samuel also has nightmares about the attacker and does not want to go back to school for the time being. His classmate Miah’s hair has fallen off since the dreadful day. Her mother, Abigale Veloz, set up a fundraising site to fund medical and psychological help for her daughter. By Saturday morning, more than $ 340,000 had already been raised.

US President Biden and his wife Jill announced a visit to Uvalde on Sunday. Vice President Kamala Harris said at the funeral of one of the victims of a racist gun attack in Buffalo: “We will not be divided and intimidated by those driven by hatred.” Biden’s plan to tighten gun laws has so far failed due to opposition from Republicans in the U.S. Congress.


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