No consultant or coach can help as effectively as Human Design

Nowadays, some issues cannot be dealt with publicly without resistance. Discussions on the Internet are sometimes tough and often very personal. For what cannot be scientifically proven and explained is brutally and destructively discussed. Sometimes even just for fun with the argument. A crazy time where everyone thinks they have an opinion on everything and they have to state it publicly. Anyone who has a different opinion will be discarded. The conversations where different opinions can be fairly discussed are the ones that can bring us the most, because here the probability of a perspective expansion or another perspective is higher than in conversations where all participants in the conversation have the same opinion.

But what is the solution? We firmly believe that spirituality and mindfulness knowledge belong in the company. At a time when we are challenged by stress management and a value creation machine, we have an urgent need for new solutions to find peace and stability in ourselves.

More and more people are asking themselves the question, especially because of the pandemic: “Who am I? What am I striving for and what do I really want?”.

There is indeed a kind of general dissatisfaction with the prevailing situation. The situation, how we work today, what goals and expectations have been set and also the question of whether this is still ethically and morally justifiable preoccupies us more than ever.

It is not easy to answer these questions. There are many books on the subject of personal development, finding inner peace, contentment and satisfaction in what we do. However, these books have (only) a short period of effect. They motivate and inspire us only in the short term. Therefore, the search for motivation and inspiration becomes an almost daily challenge.

Since the 1980s, science has increasingly dealt with the relationship between talent, motivation, discipline, personality, character, drive and willingness to make decisions. There are now many, many books on this, and they all have a purpose, but we often have the feeling that we have to switch from one book to the next because we can not find the answers we are looking for. , or after a short time we have to search for answers again, follow more questions. Conclusion: The belief that you can get people to do their best with the right motivational strategies and keep them there has been shattered.

No system known so far, no consultant or coach can really tell us what our life goals, talents or obstacles are so we can concentrate and focus on ourselves. How? Each of us has an individual set of experiences, routines, conditions, assessments of right and wrong, beliefs, beliefs, values, and so on.

I have long been looking for a way that would make it easier to get my answers quickly and understandably. According to Saliha Basaran, I also want “proof that my doubts will prevail.” Without constantly having to be disillusioned with the depth of the answer or the accuracy of my demands and questions because they are not poured over me by the watering can principle and I have to look for it like a needle in a haystack and lose a lot of time.

When I discovered Human Design, I did not believe in the wealth of information and revelations that a Human Design Chart and Reading could provide. Tailored to my personal experiences, experiences, beliefs and even appropriate and enlightening to the conflicts and challenges I have faced in my life.

That was the proof I needed to give Human Design a shot. For I was also very, very skeptical. But my doubts have been shattered by many, many proofs.

The evidence dispels the doubt.

Citing Saliha Basaran

But what is human design really? Human Design is a unique interplay between genetics, biochemistry and quantum physics with elements of astrology, chakra theory, kabbalah, cosmopsychology, cosmobiology and I Ching. That sounds crazy, I know. But who among us could have imagined 20 years ago that we could order food over a “phone”, watch and talk to our friends on the other side of the globe via live transmission or even perform our banking transactions completely independently or even take pictures and videos are created, sent, and viewed at lightning speed. Things that are unthinkable happen because there are people who have an idea of ​​what is possible. And initiate, be creative and innovative, think without limits and make it possible in the end.

Each of us has specific potential from birth and the associated life motives that hardly change throughout our lives. They are firm and immobile, like our genetics, built into our structure. Those who are aware of their inherent potential and inherent motives can promote them in a targeted way and follow a path that is consistent with them. The moment we have access to these structures, a new awareness and stability emerges, which enables us to follow our beliefs in a much more focused and concentrated way and realize them.

For every day that passes, it is more important that we feel dedication to what we do and that we have zest for life and zest for life. This is only possible if you have access to your own personality structure. Human Design delivers this.

Why is human design so relevant today?

We live in an ever faster world. Everything around us is changing at such a rapid pace that many cannot keep up. Our world has become very unstable externally.

In addition, during digitalisation, the constant desired availability and productivity. In addition, we are stressed by the demands placed on us from the outside. Always higher, faster, longer, everything has to be processed and executed to perfection.

If you want a break, plan it carefully. It is no wonder that many people are in a state of constant stress and therefore often question the meaning of life.

The Human Design information and the resulting awareness provide the opportunity to get out of the machine.

Each of us has a very specific potential from birth. Anyone who is aware of their own potential and inherent motives can promote and use them in a targeted way and follow a path that is consistent with them.

#HumanDesign also helps to recognize, accept and above all respect similarities as well as differences with the people in your own environment. This awareness is invaluable, primarily for you, but also for team building, employee development, etc., and will receive greater attention in the future.

Check out your human design is a website that allows you to read 5% of the information that Human Design has about you. But these 5% will show you that the system can be exciting and works.

What type and profile do you have? What does your type check say?

In the coming weeks we will inform more about Human Design and communicate here. What exactly is it, how does it work and how can I use it in companies. We look forward to your comments and suggestions as well as to a discussion with you.

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