Main-Kinzig-Kreis: Motorcyclists collect donations for children with cancer

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After seven weeks on tour, two things are certain for motorcycle adventurers Michael Thomas and Tobias Esser: Their dream of a selfie at the Chinese border has (so far) been shattered. But the people’s hospitality and the beauty of the landscapes they traveled through more than compensate for the disappointment.

Steinau – The excitement over what they experienced can be heard from the two motorcyclists from the Main-Kinzig district – despite the wind noise that their mobile phone sends during the call. On this day, they travel somewhere in eastern Turkey. Nearly seven weeks and 12,000 kilometers at temperatures between a few degrees above zero and 44 degrees Celsius in southern Iran lie behind them.

Before returning to the Brothers Grimm town of Steinau sometime in June, there are a further 6,000 to 7,000 kilometers left. The route was to take them home from Turkey via Greece and the Mediterranean coast.

Main-Kinzig-Kreis: Motorcyclists collect donations for children with cancer

Speaking of the route: Such a route they had planned before starting at Steinauer Kumpen, where family and friends said goodbye to them. It is already clear that there will be a need for improvisation along the way. Everything is going according to plan via the Czech Republic and the Balkans to Turkey. That is changing in Georgia.

“We wanted to go to Azerbaijan, but were sent back at the border. Then we are in the Caucasus to the Russian border. On the way, the waiting trucks were backed more than 100 kilometers. But we did not get there either,” says Michael Thomas. capital, Tbilisi, they patrol the embassies by visa – without success.

After a detour to Armenia, we return to Turkey. “Here we got a visa to Iran. It was not a problem, “adds Tobias Esser. To speed things up, “they hire a travel agent for 800 euros per person. He gave us Carnet de Passage, a kind of passport for the motorcycles. And we had the result of the Covid PCR test after three hours.” You have to pay a little more for to have this delivered by e-mail.This is customary in the country.

Feeling like in “A Thousand and One Nights” – Steinauer as a guest in Iran

After all, they have now arrived in the Orient and are getting to know Iran thoroughly. First the Kurdish part of the country: “For us, this is one of the nicest and nicest countries there is. We were always invited to eat or drink. Or a tank of fuel. It costs utopian a bit here by German standards: 2.50 euros. “A liter of fuel can be bought for 13 øre, diesel for 1.3 øre per liter. Iran is the second largest oil-producing country, but is not allowed to export oil due to sanctions. “

This becomes clear to those in the south: along the Gulf Coast there is only industry, no tourist sites. From eight rainy degrees near Turkey, temperatures there have risen to 44 degrees. Somewhere in between are historic Persian cities like Shiraz.

Thomas: “There you have the feeling of being in Arabian Nights. There are many roof terraces, just stunningly beautiful there. Wherever we stop, people come and want a selfie. Motorcycles are rare there. They invite you to dinner or offer you a bed for the night. I have never experienced anything like this in Iran anywhere else in the world. ”

Ace gives an example: “A young man approached us in front of a hotel. We were with his family, he played guitar and we got presents. Then we went to a friend of his where we drank wine. Alcohol is not uncommon there in private circles. ”

Impressive mountain driving in Turkey, Georgia and Armenia

They have deliberately left out the 20 million metropolis of Tehran. ‘Seven cars drive side by side on the five-lane country roads there. Improper driving is not a crime. When you drive past a petrol station, you turn around and drive back on the track, also past the police, “the two state that they have adapted to their habits:” If you start driving in German, you are hopelessly lost. There is communication via the horn instead of the turn signal. ”

As friendly as the Iranians are to the motorcyclists, they are annoyed with their own Islamist regime after observing the two Steinau residents. Thomas: “People are tired of being locked up. It rumbles and in the evening the internet is off. We always hope for WLAN at the hotel. But the connection is often bad. ”


With their adventure trip, Tobias Esser and Michael Thomas would also like to draw attention to a good cause. Together with Hans-Georg Lotz from Steinau, they encourage donations to the association “Help for children with cancer Frankfurt eV”.


Donation account: Frankfurter Sparkasse:
IBAN: DE 98 5005 0201 0000 6200 50
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As much as they liked Iran, the country was actually only meant to be a transit station en route to the Pamir Highway and the Chinese border. But the country road to Azerbaijan was closed, at least to Western Europeans. After a day in no-man’s land – and another 200 euros for visas – they can go back.

“Even though we did not reach the goal, we are overwhelmed. The mountains of Turkey, Georgia and Armenia where we rode hundreds of kilometers at 1700 to 2000 meters altitude. We had sneezed three times. Life here is also incredible ”, the two motorcyclists draw a positive intermediate conclusion.

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