Langenfeld children brave the rain at the festival in the park

Langenfeld Children’s Festival
Children brave the rain at the festival in the park

Although the sun does not shine all the time, the children’s faces shine all the more. They enjoy the many play equipment in the amusement park Langfort, which is set up especially for them. She did not care that there was only a slim version of the traditional children’s party.

Just in time for the official opening of the 38th International Children and Family Festival on Sunday at 13.00, the locks opened over the amusement park Langfort. Fortunately, the short rainstorm that set in did not last long, but even for a longer rainstorm, visitors, especially the little ones in their colorful rainwear and protective rain boots, were well prepared for all the capricious weather.

The kids apparently did not let the mood ruin that afternoon, and the parents were also there: Laughing and radiant, the offspring frolic, ran from the carousel to the trampoline, back to the stage and to the children’s face painting and bouncing. castles. Everywhere in the park there was a lot to see, even more to try and experience, and lots of culinary delicacies for the older visitors.

Enchanted, mother Yvonne stood in front of the stage with her husband and their two children, their six-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter and watched fascinated at Dancing Girlfriends while spinning elegantly around, making wagon wheels and somersaults and all that, of course, rhythmic to the music. The daughter had just had her face decorated with a beautiful butterfly decoration and then she really wanted to go out and jump on the trampoline. The 43-year-old mother smiled: “Ever since the children were born, we always come to the festival, except for the last two years, where it did not happen.” The mother appreciated the variety and assortment. “It’s great again this year. It’s just a pity the weather is not playing along.” For the kids, the festival is a big highlight of the year.

A few meters further on the square, at the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde’s stand, the four-year-old Philipp happily drove his laps on a small tractor. Father Stefan Uhlenbrock showed his son the way, mother Jeanette looked pleased.

“It’s a really good offer for the kids,” said Jeanette, who was there for the first time and traveled from Mainz to Langenfeld especially for her son’s father’s weekend. Father Stefan also thought the offer for the children was good and enjoyed watching his son play, jump and run. He did not want to miss this event, nor did the weather matter to the family: “We are rainproof and would have come anyway,” said the father.

The lively response in the afternoon also pleased the head of department in the general social services, Thomas Bremer, who has now been part of the festival’s organizational team for 22 years, an event that was arranged exclusively by the staff in the youth care. office and ultimately with the support of other clubs and organizations in the city performed.

Only 35 of the usually around 50 participants took part this year. Some even quite spontaneously. Due to the uncertain corona situation a few months ago, the organizing team decided to limit itself to one day of celebration this year instead of the two it has always had. “It’s a shame for the kids,” said Bremer, who would have liked to have offered the festival over two days. But the smaller offer and the concentration in one day really did not put a damper on the good mood.

Department head Sonja Wienecke, who experienced the children’s festival in the city for the first time, was impressed by the atmosphere and the relaxed and happy children. “I’m surprised at how many people stay here despite the weather. It’s really great. A great deal.” She is especially proud that her team, especially Thomas Bremer, Schenk, Katharina Schenk, Kathrin Schwanke and Eda Yildiz, have put together such a great party beyond their regular working hours. “You have my deepest thanks.”

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