Is Move2Earn the new trend in the crypto market?

The Play2Earn model has been extremely successful in the crypto market over the last few months. By playing games, users had the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies in the games and thus build a small income. Now a new model comes on the market: Move2Earn.

StepN Move2Earn

We explain what Move2Earn is and why it is becoming a trend in the crypto market. Get to know the new trend Move2Earn in this article!

What is Move2Earn?

Move2Earn is a concept where you can earn cryptocurrencies in an app by moving. These are primarily apps where you can earn more and more coins by running or jogging, which you can then reinvest in upgrades in the app.

Move2Earn is a further development of the Play2Earn concept. At Play2Earn you can earn cryptocurrencies by playing a game. Move2Earn takes this concept and rewards you for moving around with your smartphone instead of just playing static.

Which app made Move2Earn famous?

Move2Earn’s breakthrough came with the Stein app. StepN is a Move2Earn app where you can earn your own GST cryptocurrency in the app by running. You can then use this GST coin in the game, for example, to upgrade your shoes.

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StepN Move2Earn

StepN runs on Solana Blockchain. You can also exchange GST for other coins, especially for SOL. You can also pay out in SOL in the app. To use StepN, you must first purchase a digital sinker, which is then your own NFT in the StepN App.


Why did the StepN app become so popular?

With more playful elements, the StepN app manages to walk the player out the door and then acquire new GST coins by running. The user can then use these coins to make various upgrades in the game. This leads to an additional incentive for the user to earn more coins through more movement.

StepN Move2Earn sneakers

The app seems to have hit a chord. Instead of spending time at home, it encourages the user to leave the house. This motivation is extremely high due to the possible income in the form of coins that you receive while running. In addition, an initial investment in a shoe of over 1000 euros is required. This also motivates the users to use the app adequately.

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Are there other Move2Earn games?

Other apps have also embraced the Move2Earn concept and use incentives in the form of coins to get the player going. In the shadow of Move2Earn, several apps have established themselves that follow the same principle:

  • Sweatcoin: Sweatcoin offers its own in-game currency that is 1 to 1 the value of Sweatcoin. The app is completely free. You can take a maximum of 10,000 steps a day with the app. You can use Sweatcoins to buy various items in the store.
  • Actifit: Actifit has been around since 2018 and allows you to earn coins by reaching goals in activity (steps). Initially, however, you will need to purchase an account for a small amount of 2 US dollars.
  • step: Get fit. Earn Crypto: This is another app that lets you earn coins through motion. The reward comes in the form of BNB.

How sustainable are Move2Earn apps?

Move2Earn is an interesting concept where users can earn coins through sports activities and movement. It thus makes a valuable contribution to improving the health of users. However, it is doubtful whether the concept is sustainable.

Earning rewards in the form of coins on Move2Earn Apps depends on users buying new NFTs such as the shoes on StepN. If no more new users buy NFTs, the movement on these apps will become less and less profitable. This is not a Ponzi Schedule. However, the rewards for new users may drop significantly in the future.

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