Educational welcome workers wanted for children and young people from Ukraine “

“The educational welcome groups are a hugely important offer to the children and young people who have come and come to us from Ukraine,” emphasized District Administrator Christian Meißner on the occasion of his visit to the welcome group at Meranier-Gymnasium Lichtenfels. (MGL). “It is important that after all the bad things they have experienced, they first ‘come’ emotionally with us and find peace and security. I am very grateful to everyone involved that they have made it possible to set up the welcome groups at the schools in our district so quickly and that they are so committed. It’s just unique. ”

In a letter dated 16 March 2022, the Prime Minister of Education and Culture, Prof. Dr. Michael Piazolo, sent a framework concept for the admission of children and young people who have fled Ukraine to Bavarian schools. At the heart of this concept are the “educational welcome groups” as a cross-school offering.

provide reassurance and reassurance

Together with the district office in Lichtenfels, the school landscape in the district of Lichtenfels works with great commitment to create a nationwide and individually tailored offer for schooling of refugee school children from Ukraine. A steering group led by Stefanie Mayr-Leidnecker, director of the school board, has been in place since early March to coordinate the admission of children and young people who have fled Ukraine to schools in the Lichtenfels district.

The priority of the pedagogical welcome groups is to enable the refugee children and young people to get to school safely and give them a sense of security and security through permanent structures and contact persons. The school board director explains that they must get to know the state of Bavaria and everyday school life here in individually tailored learning opportunities and at the same time be able to maintain the bond to their Ukrainian homeland. German and English lessons are paramount, and in addition, children and young people from Ukraine participate in music, sports and art whenever possible.

The first pedagogical welcome groups were formed at the high schools in Lichtenfels and Burgkunstadt and began teaching the refugee students right after the Easter holidays. There are now five: two at MGL and one each at the high school and high school in Burgkunstadt and at the state high school in Bad Staffelstein, according to school board director Stefanie Mayr-Leidnecker.

teach language skills

28 pupils between the ages of six and ten are currently attending local primary schools in their cities of residence. Everyone between the ages of eleven and 16 is educated, depending on where they live, at the high schools in Lichtenfels or Burgkunstadt, at the high schools in Bad Staffelstein or Burgkunstadt and Lichtenfels. Some students go to middle schools or special schools. The State Vocational School in Lichtenfels accepts students over the age of 16.

However, the welcome groups must also help to ensure that extensive knowledge of German can be disseminated – after all, compulsory schooling for children and young people begins only three months after moving to the country.

“The integration works really well,” says school board director Stefanie Mayr-Leidnecker. “Students from Ukraine are extremely motivated and have a great desire to learn.” This is also confirmed by school principal Thomas Carl and study director Hubert Gehrlich from Meranier-Gymnasium in Lichtenfels, where 30 children and young people between the ages of eleven. and 17 are currently participating in the welcome groups. The two high school teachers are happy to say that they managed to build an “extremely cordial relationship”.

The lessons are currently taught by four, soon to be seven, teachers from the high school, who also teach German as a foreign language, as well as four external specialists, some of whom are native speakers. It has been proven here that students eat meals together morning and noon. SMEs also offer ongoing leisure activities for the new students.

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