Börse Express – address labels as part of the company’s design

Have address labels printed professionally

Some companies create their own address labels with Word and print them on self-adhesive label sheets of paper. Can be done, does not have to be. From an economic point of view, this shot can backfire.

The perception of writing, forms and haptic impressions occurs in humans primarily via the subconscious. If an address label looks cheap, the customer saves the entire company in the subconscious as unreliable. The first impression of a business, which is often created through design elements such as address labels, should not be underestimated.

Individual address labels, professionally printed with high-resolution digital printing, convey value and increase the business or brand value of a business. It’s not for nothing that successful companies rely on consistent, unique branding: People spend more money on comparable products if the branding is of high quality.

What types of stickers are there?

In order for an address label to appear valuable, special attention must be paid to the material. Stickers for office use are made of paper, plastic or non-woven plastic with a self-adhesive backing. This is attached to a removable baking paper. The self-adhesive foil and the surface material are available in different adhesive strengths and in different weather resistance:

Vinyl film, monomer: Monomer labels are not UV or weather resistant and are therefore not suitable for outdoor use.

Vinyl foil, molded: These stickers are weather resistant, UV resistant and can be wiped. They are even suitable for sticking on vehicles.

Vinyl film, polymer: Polymer address labels are considered a good temporary solution. Although not weatherproof, they are robust and can be wiped clean. They convince with a good price-performance ratio.

Porcelain stickers: Decorative porcelain stickers are printed on a specific porcelain film. Although dishwasher safe, it can be gently rinsed off.

Wall sticker: The so-called weight tattoos are made of soft plastic like vinyl. The stickers can be adapted to the wall structure. Their adhesive surface adheres well enough for the stickers to adhere and can usually be removed again without leaving any residue.

How should the address labels be designed?

It is best for companies to get a graphic designer to make the label design that suits their corporate identity. It should be noted that the stickers can not only serve as information carriers, but also have an advertising effect.

A sticker becomes an eye-catcher if it is attractive and designed to match the company’s branding. The customer remembers the brand name and associates positive associations with it. Address labels can also act as an advertising medium.

Choose a printer with good service

Professional label printers now mostly offer websites with a comprehensive service: You can upload the design, customize it and thus create the label individually. Various shapes and materials are available for this.

There is usually a pre-selection of typical label designs whose designs can be customized. The text in the default layout can be edited and supplemented or replaced with images or complete designs in PNG, JPG or BMP format. Finally, the amount and special properties – such as UV resistance – can be selected.


Address labels do not only have the functional purpose of being able to solve things faster. With an appealing, individual design, they also strengthen the corporate identity inside and outside the company. The company design ensures the recognition value that is remembered by the customers. Therefore, it usually pays to order address labels from professional printers.

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