Yvonne Catterfeld: Loving Father’s Day Greetings! It shows Oliver Wnuk’s children

Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Yvonne Catterfeld thanks Oliver Wnuk for his role as father +++ Matthias Schweighöfer shows father’s day greetings from his children +++ Sophia Thomalla jokes Lukas Podolski for a kebab.

Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker

May 27, 2022

Yvonne Catterfeld and Oliver Wnuk: New pictures of their children for Father’s Day

They were a couple for 14 years, and in late 2021, Yvonne Catterfeld, 42, and Oliver Wnuk, 46, surprisingly announced their separation. In a statement, the former jury member of “The Voice of Germany” made it clear that they were always connected through their son Charlie. The 42-year-old now proves with several stories on Instagram that the actor couple think a lot about each other and continue to stick together as a family. For Father’s Day, the former GZSZ actress released snapshots of her son Charlie with her father.

With the words “Happy Father’s Day to Oliver Wnuk”, Yvonne Catterfeld introduces her photo gallery, which contains lovely photos of her two loved ones. “So grateful,” she writes of a picture in which Oliver Wnuk cuddles his son. The actor is also inspired and grateful and is reposting the posts on his Instagram story. “Thank you, dear mother,” he says excitedly about his ex. She focused not only on the intimate father-son relationship on social media, but also on Oliver Wnuk’s love for his daughter. To a rare footage showing that they both know each other, Yvonne writes: “And father from this special girl.”

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Yvonne Catterfeld: Loving Father's Day Greetings to Oliver Wnuk

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Yvonne Catterfeld: Loving Father's Day Greetings to Oliver Wnuk

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May 26, 2022

Matthias Schweighöfer gives an insight into family life

Matthias Schweighöfer, 41, is a proud father of two children and, like many other fathers, is happy for a little Father’s Day greeting on Ascension Day. But instead of effervescent words, Greta and Valentin prefer to tease their father and surprise him with two homemade medals. While one is still reading “Happy Father’s Day”, the other has it all. “You’re ugly [sic]”is written inside the paper medal.

“When your children LOVE you everything … Happy Father’s Day [sic]”, Schweighöfer writes with a wink to a selfie, where he presents his fans with his children’s special gift.

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May 25, 2022

Sophia Thomalla: For her kebab by Lukas Podolski, she “takes” with 13 tons of sand

“She did not do it right ?!” Many Instagram users will probably think so if they follow the stories of Lukas Podolski, 36, and Sophia Thomalla, 32, these days. At the kebab gate, it all actually started with a provocative saying by Sophia Thomalla. It ended with a 13 ton high sand in front of “Lukas Podolski Sportpark”. Kebab is the focus of this story. For on Tuesday, Lukas Podolski posted a selfie of himself and the employees of his chain “Mangal Döner”. “Back in Cologne. First a doner kebab [sic]”Ex-national player wrote. Sophia commented rudely:” I always thought kebabs make you nicer [sic]”. The entrepreneur will not find himself in it and counteracts:” Hahaha … Are you in Cologne? First aid is on the way … !!! [sic]”An ugly saying – follow the deeds.

For just a few hours later, the actress and presenter is holding a “Mangal” kebab in her hand, which she shows on Instagram. Almost like a beauty treatment, sponsored by the football pro. She writes about the picture: “Touché! 1: 1 to Lukas Podolski. It was a penalty kick without a goalkeeper [sic]”But she announces directly:” Wait a minute my friend, I will give back later [sic]”.

And in fact, Sophia does everything to win this friendly battle – and bullies to very hard means: A few hours later, 13 tons of sand stand in front of Lukas Podolski’s sports park. Excessive waste of resources or really fun? Lukas Podolski certainly takes it with gusto. “Look at that. 13 tons of sand. Thomalla has one on the waffle. It’s not quite clean anymore,” he scolds in his story, but sounds relaxed. Only two hours later, he is again sitting relaxed in the sun with spaghetti ice cream. In the end, the question remains unanswered as to whether doner kebabs really make you more beautiful. Nevertheless, everyone has probably learned one thing from the story: One should not mess with Sophia Thomalla.

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May 24, 2022

Cathy Hummels: Moving declaration of love for the most important people in her life

Cathy Hummels, 34, is still vacationing with husband Mats Hummels, 33, and their son Ludwig, 4, in Miami. The influencer seems overjoyed and is currently sending more private insights than ever before. Not only ordinary family photos can be found under Cathy’s Instagram post, especially a young man giving her full attention these days: her son. Never before has Cathy shown her little Ludwig so often and in such detail.

On one of her posts, Cathy lovingly cuddles with Ludwig, who apparently just came from swimming in the pool. She kisses his head gently and looks happy at him. She writes the touching words: “I do not look at any other person in the world like that. PS: I know he is great for his age. Come after father, not me. [sic]In addition, Cathy added the declaration of love to her son with the hashtag “myonlylove” and a red heart emoji. This is true motherly love.

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Lena Meyer-Landrut: Emotional lines for her 31st birthday

Her triumph will not be forgotten: in 2010, the then 19-year-old Lena Meyer-Landrut took first place in the Eurovision Song Contest and brought the Grand European Music Prize to Germany for the second time. On Monday, May 23, 2022, the singer celebrated her 31st birthday. A day later, she reports to her 4.6 million followers with emotional lines

“Thank you for so many nice birthday greetings, text messages, videos, calls,” the singer thanks all her loved ones and reveals: “I have cried a lot today.” The singer goes on to write about a snapshot showing her kissing her lips: “I’m so grateful to have you all in my life,” adding a heart emoji to her words.

Yvonne Catterfeld: Loving Father's Day Greetings to Oliver Wnuk

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