Puchheim: At this anniversary, the focus is solely on the kids. – Furstenfeldbruck

Families usually supported by the Child Welfare Association of the FFB District Association have experienced “dark times” during the corona pandemic. This is stated by the chairman Karl-Heinz Theis. The facility has also suffered and lost some volunteers. Last year, the celebration of the tenth anniversary had to be postponed. But now there is reason to be happy again. Not only was the association’s work screwed up again when the contact restrictions were lifted, the festival can finally be settled.

On Saturday 28 May from 17.00, the Child Welfare Association will arrange a small party in Puchheim’s Bürgerpark on Kennedystrasse. Food and drink as well as various games for the children should be offered with musical accompaniment. There will also be the opportunity to bake stick bread over a campfire bowl. According to Theis, everyone is welcome to the festival, but of course there is a focus on the kids.

“We have been able to enter into a very large number of family sponsorships within the ten years and have thus reached out to many children. Our association and the active members can be very proud of that,” the chairman sums up. The Child Welfare Association is committed to working with the realization of a child-friendly society. To that end, they want to draw attention to the often difficult situation in families and offer help directly on the spot. The services include securing the school road, neighborhood management and so-called accompanied contact. “We support children where the parents are separated or divorced and the separated parent has the right to meet with the child,” explains Theis. However, the main focus is on arranging family sponsorships. Representatives of the association are available to go directly to the families and accompany them to work towards improved framework conditions. Usually these are single mothers.

In addition to these offers, the Child Welfare Association helps with the organization of all events, such as the cultural festival that took place in Puchheim last summer. Here was a varied program, ranging from varied live music and international dances to culinary delicacies. Theis is currently assisting Ukrainian families by helping them through the difficult bureaucratic processes. “I’m afraid it will be my main focus to fill out all these applications in the next few weeks,” the chairman is confident. In addition, he looks after an asylum center in Olching, where mainly women and children from Ukraine are accommodated. Regular trips are arranged for them and the children are taken to an open all-day school in the morning.

Today, the association has more than 60 members, about half of whom are also actively available as part of family sponsorships or for supervised contact. As aid workers have been lost as a result of the pandemic, the focus is now on “beaten advertising drum”, as Theis describes it. “We need more family sponsors and people who are willing to make accompanying contact. The demand is certainly greater than we can offer.” In addition, he currently suspects a high number of unannounced families in need of assistance. That’s why we need more volunteers now.

To support the Child Welfare Association, you can become an active or passive member by paying an annual membership fee of at least 25 euros. In addition, donations are always needed to support families with documented financial difficulties. What the chairman likes best about his work is “how to see that families and children have moved on when we have a family sponsorship. When you see something like that, it’s also an expression of inner satisfaction.”

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