NFTBERLIN opens “The New Shape”

Berlin, 16 May 2022. Just a few weeks after the announcement of the first annual unconference, NFTBERLIN, the non-profit, chain-independent IRL platform for NTFs, today announced the most legendary NFT crypto-art exhibition from the private collections of world-renowned crypto-art collectors such as Cozomo de ‘Medici aka Snoop Dogg, NeonDAOcelebrated German rapper CRO and Blockstar and many others. The collection includes unique crypto art from CryptoPunks, Bored Apes Yacht Club, Squiggles and more.

NFTBERLIN takes place from the 25th to the 27th of May in the Alte Münze in Berlin. The In-Real-Life (IRL) event features international guest speakers, exclusive NFT collections, lectures, games, unique live mint experiences and an NFT hackathon. The conference is the first of its kind in Germany and will be attended by speakers from Aave & Len’s protocol,, NFTfi, Richie Hawtin and others. NFTBerlin announced its official program today. The first wave of tickets has just been released, giving attendees access to exclusive crypto art.

Going Into Another World: Why Are NFTs Important?

NFTs disrupt the world as we know it. What seemed like a story straight out of Ready, Player, One dystopia is now our reality. Since the advent of the first NFTs in 2014, they have now become the hottest topic of discussion. In fact, the NFT market is often referred to as “the new gold rush”, with a market value approaching $ 41 billion in 2021. Interest and demand will increase dramatically in the coming years. NFT technology offers huge benefits and unlimited opportunities for artists, art owners, technical professionals, companies, investors, etc. If you are still not convinced, let Naval Ravikant, former CEO of Angelist, teach you something else. “Rejecting and resisting NFTs and crypto means we do not want a collectively owned future. We want a company-owned future and we want a state-owned future.”

Money can not buy happiness, but you can buy NFTBERLIN tickets

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NFTBERLIN is much more than a non-conference. It is a collective of innovative brains that democratize technology to create a unique and sustainable experience. Enthusiastically, NFTBERLIN has released the first tickets to the public, which are now on sale, giving attendees full access to unconference, an exclusive NFT crypto art ticket and access to the afterparty.



The NFTBERLIN Manifesto

Read the manifesto below and participate in the event:

  1. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The metaverse is not a linear space.
  2. Our goal is to promote the ongoing democratization of culture through creativity and technology.
  3. We promote openness, freedom, equality and independence – the values ​​that define Berlin.
  4. By changing the default settings from closed to open, we believe that digital ownership and autonomous data is the future.
  5. We value justice, which provides the best environment for innovation and creativity to thrive.
  6. NFTBERLIN will always be a non-profit organization.
  7. We will live up to the promise of a new, decentralized internet, where individuals and the grassroots community are supported and empowered.

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