Metaverse Fitness and Move to Earn: OliveX is dependent on blockchain, crypto and gamification

OliveX Company is a digital lifestyle company focusing on the health and fitness industry. Using blockchain technology and advanced metaverse technologies, the company combines fitness with gaming and crypto rewards in collaboration with several partners from different industries. This trend also has great potential for the start-up scene.

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Cryptocurrencies hit the fitness industry

Cryptocurrencies have long been more than just a modern fringe phenomenon: they have reached the mainstream and are reaching out to more and more different industries. For example, they already play a major role in the gaming environment, but have now also reached the fitness industry. At some retailers, fitness fans can already buy items like sportswear or exercise equipment with Bitcoin. But that’s not all that OliveX has clearly stated. Under the motto “move to earn”, a whole new structure could be created that would get even those who do not like sports off the couch and give them the chance to reinvent themselves.

Blockchain gaming is experiencing a strong recovery

Crypto games and blockchain games have become more and more established in the industry in recent years and have become more than just a passing trend. The versatility of the gaming industry is no longer news. Anyone who does not focus on innovation and change here will quickly perish. To create above-average growth, developers need to keep their finger on the pulse.

Especially in the last two years, there has been a boom in blockchain gaming. This technology has enough potential to create societal change and enable new business models. More and more companies are relying on blockchain games and developing new DApps (decentralized apps) to generate unique gaming experiences.

A growth of 2000 percent was recorded within a year despite adverse external circumstances. In terms of forecasting, much more can be expected here, because the NFT industry is also in a boom. Metaverset enables blockchain game developers to expand their innovations, and investors’ willingness to invest is high.

52% of blockchain activity comes from gaming DApps. Meanwhile, well-known game developers like Ubisoft have already familiarized themselves with the subject and are very likely to get involved. The chances for rapid further development are therefore great. With OliveX, a new rider is now on the track and enables the symbiosis between games, fitness and reward.

Move-to-Earn: Pray a new path with Multiverse Fitness

Everyone has heard of “meta” or “the metaverse” somewhere, but many consumers still do not take the subject seriously. But there are already projects that show how much people’s lives will change as a result of Metaverse, in the gaming sector, but also in the fitness industry.

Advanced technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies have facilitated and supported the development of Metaverse. Data can be used, shared and processed on a secure basis across providers.

And what does all this have to do with sports? Move-to-earn is one of the most interesting innovations based on blockchain technology that is revolutionizing the fitness world. “Move and earn” is the motto and nothing else lies behind. The concept encourages activity and movement, works with motion sensor technology and creates a whole new world of gaming for physical activity and better health.

So-called DOSE tokens are earned, which are composed of various messenger substances (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin). These DOSE tokens can be used in the community to outfit your character, purchase content, and purchase NFTs, and then use them freely.

With the right apps, cryptocurrencies can be collected by filling in motion units. Users train, store and track their movements and earn cryptocurrencies in return. It’s a bit like play-to-earn, only much healthier and more active.

Figure 2: Pixabay © fantasycoins CCO Public Domain

OliveX: A company with a mission

Once a fitness company has a plan, it’s getting started. OliveX is the market leader when it comes to using modern blockchain technology for more fitness. Simply put, users should be rewarded for staying in shape. A modern blockchain game is meant to support players in this. OliveX CEO and founder, Keith Rumjahn, is a fan of sports and exercise, and also a fan of new technologies.

OliveX’s mission is to mobilize one billion people and enable them to earn crypto tokens and NFTs through physical training. The key to success is the symbiosis between blockchain, gaming and fitness.

Although Rumjahn knows that the play-to-earn offshoot will trigger a real hype, his ambitions are high. But that’s what OliveX is all about. Always master new challenges, review challenges and set yourself goals. Investors seem to share the vision OliveX was able to raise around $ 5.7 million in 2021 and use it to develop the move-to-earn product Dustland Runner.

Conclusion: Move-to-Earn brings movement to the fitness industry

More exercise for the fitness industry? Move-to-Earn is a project predestined for this, which will most likely spread just as fast as Play-to-Earn did at the time. People love to face challenges, and when they train for a fee, they even have a positive side effect. Companies like OliveX often have a few obstacles to overcome, but they have the best chance of becoming one of the most well-known and largest industry leaders.

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