Concerts in Balingen: A meeting for the regional music scene – Balingen and surroundings

Singer Udo Welz from the Rock Orchestra Horst Müller gives it his all. Photo: Maier

Festivals are known to be celebrated as they come. In Balingen there are now two reasons to celebrate: Balingen cult pub Bären “Bären” has existed for 45 years, and the event smithy “Show + Media Design” has also existed for a decade.

Balingen – The anniversary celebration extends over the first two weekends in July: with lots of live music – of course free.

“45 years is quite a lot,” sums up Patrick Streicher, who has run Bären since 2018 but has been associated with the house since childhood – his father Uli Stegmaier was himself Bärenwirt for more than 30 years. Actually, the idea was to celebrate the anniversary right outside the door, but the current construction site situation does not allow Ebertstraße to be closed for the party.

Therefore in Engstlatt

So it’s great that Streicher’s old acquaintance Elischa Dommer also has reason to celebrate this year: He’s run his company “Show + Media Design” for ten years. This ensures that not only sound and light are right at concerts, festivities and other events, but also everything else around it. The jewelry is also right next to his business location in Mühlrainstraße 3 in the Lehenmorgen industrial park in Engstlatt, because there is a large courtyard that is ideal for arranging concerts.

Crazy Balkan sound

Streicher and Dommer do this for two weekends at a time. The anniversary celebration kicks off with the “Bear Weekend” from Friday 1 July to Sunday 3 July. Friday night there is reggae with Saidon Train and “Sexy Gypsy Balkan Action” with Dr. Aleks and the Fuckers. If you can not imagine anything below, just enter “Jäätelöötterö” on YouTube – you know. Admission is Friday from kl.

Saturday kicks off with Sixx, a status quo cover band with roots in the Killertal, who praise themselves for their “fantastic concerts”. Fenders 55, which – as the name suggests – offers rockabilly, country and rock and roll, fast and dirty as it should be, are no longer unknown. Saturday also starts at

Blues is not just for the elderly

It starts earlier on Sunday, because then there is admission already at 3 pm. On today’s program is the Sean McGurrin Band, which will take people, rock, punk and country with it. It gets so bluesy with the Albstadt band Indigo wanting to show that blues are by no means just music for older people.

Horst Müller rocker

One week later, from Friday 8 July to Sunday 10 July, the anniversary celebration of Elischa Dommer’s “Show + Media Design” will take place. Friday night it starts with a bang when the rock band Horst Müller rocks around the agent legend Udo Welz Balingen. There’s rock, pop and funk on Saturday when Dewy Lilies takes the stage on Mühlrainstraße for herself. Admission is 6pm both days.

Things get down to earth on Sundays: From 10 am you are invited to a morning pint with the Balingen duo Sawa. In the afternoon, pure hits are the order of the day. The three charming sisters Mucz from Bisingen, better known as 3Mal1, are also there. Alena, who says about herself: “I want to sing Schlager”, as well as Lorena and Michael Gierk are also there this afternoon. The burladding, whose motto is “Viva la vida”, perfectly complements the party animal Michael “Michi” Gierk.

Relax in a sun lounger

Among other things, a sun lounger lounge and sufficient seating and standing space await visitors. Particularly gratifying: There is free admission to all concerts, because “we just want to have a nice party,” says Elischa Dommer.

It is no coincidence that not only the selection of bands, but the entire anniversary festival has a regional character: “The festival must reflect that we have a good community here,” explains Dommer. The issue of sustainability is also important for the organizers. For example, bamboo is used for cutlery. But what’s on the plate is again purely local: Among other things, there is the Maultaschen – from the area, of course.

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