Collaboration with BAYC: adidas moves into Metaverse: With NFTs into virtual space | news

adidas dives into Metaverse
Partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comic and gmoney
The American competitor Nike is also active in the virtual space

There is also a large application potential for NFTs in the virtual space of the metaverse. Therefore, the sports equipment manufacturer adidas recently ventured into the virtual world to equip characters with their own clothes.

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adidas conquers new territory

In late November, tweets from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) with a picture of its first NFT, Ape NR. 8774 and PUNKS Comic with a picture of Courtney, one of the main characters in PUNKS Comic with adidas merchandise, suggested an upcoming partnership between the NFT communities and the sports equipment manufacturer. Following the surprising announcement, pictures of monkeys in adidas tracksuits flooded the timelines on Twitter.

In early December, adidas Originals then confirmed the partnership with Bored Ape Yacht Club, the NFT cartoon PUNKS Comic and the crypto investor and NFT collector gmoney. Alongside this, adidas Originals changed their Twitter profile picture to a Bored Ape cartoon with adidas Originals clothing with the PUNKS cartoon logo and gmoney iconography along with the adidas Originals logo.

Also included in the announcement tweet is a link to the adidas website and a clip with avatars. There is not yet much information about adidas ‘Metaverse activities or plans on the adidas’ Metaverse tab on the website. Interested parties can sign up for exclusive news with their email address, and the company uses a QR code to redirect visitors to the website to its CONFIRMED app for more information, where adidas presents its project and its partners in more detail.

“If you follow the credo Impossible is nothing, it will take you to the wildest places,” adidas writes in its CONFIRMED app for its launch in Metaverse. “In the past we have explored the farthest corners of culture. But now we have landed in a wild world where the possibilities are truly limitless. This autumn, adidas, known for its originality and innovative spirit, will enter new territory for the conquest of creativity: the Metaverse. “, According to the sports equipment manufacturer.

adidas’ partner in Metaverse

adidas’ partner, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, is, as the sports equipment manufacturer writes, “a collection of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain, which are ubiquitous in pop culture. Each Bored Ape NFT also gives the owner access to an exclusive club, with perks such as merch drops and events. ” adidas Originals has joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club with the first NFT, Ape # 8774. This is the monkey avatar Indigo Herz, as adidas writes, “a rebellious optimist who sees the world through heart-shaped glasses”. According to NFT marketplace OpenSea, adidas bought # 8774 in September for 46 Ether. As reported by the Altcoin Buzz portal, BAYC is the second most popular collection on OpenSea ever and has a total value of 243,190 ethers.

adidas writes about gmoney that “the famous NFT culture influencer, knowledge broker and community leader” is “known for his legendary monkey cryptopunk with the orange hat”. “A true NFT thought leader and cryptovisionist who introduced the world to the digital status symbol phenomenon,” he is “a respected member of the original Fortune NFTy 50.” It is thanks to him that the NFT world is now known to a wider audience. In adidas’ Metaverse launch clip, he can be seen as an avatar with Ape # 8774.

adidas’ third partner, PUNKS Comic, is a physical and NFT cartoon. “PUNKS Comic was born out of a desire to bring popular NFT collections to life with names, bodies, backstory and plots,” adidas said in its app. The avatar Courtney, who also wears adidas clothing in the clip posted on Twitter, is one of the main characters in the PUNKS cartoon, which collectors will receive upon purchase not only as an NFT, but also as a downloadable PDF version of an actual cartoon , as the portal NFT Now reports. PUNKS Comic is the 20th most popular collection ever on OpenSea according to Altcoin Buzz and has a total volume of 41,356 Ether.

In addition to adidas, Nike has already entered the virtual space. In November, the US company announced a partnership with the online gaming platform Roblox. At Roblox, there’s a new place for Nike fans to connect, create, share experiences and compete: NIKELAND. Nike has created this bespoke world based on its global headquarters and in the immersive 3D space Roblox and builds on its goal . to make sports and play a way of life. ” Here, too, users can equip their NIKELAND avatar with special Nike products.


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