Biggest cryptocurrency gains in the last week: These coins have experienced decent gains over the last few days


The crypto market is still in a real decline, the major pioneers Bitcoin and Ethereum have continued to have a negative performance in the last few weeks. Nevertheless, there are some coins that have defied the crypto winter and have experienced decent increases in value in the last few days.

We focus on four exciting cryptocurrencies that have been convincing with price increases in recent times: DeFi Coin, TRON, Monero and Lucky Block Coin. In particular, DeFi Coin and Lucky Block can be profitable as long-term investments, which should lead to significant profits in the near future.

1. DeFi Coin (DEFC)

DeFi Coin (DEFC) is one of the current cryptocurrencies, which is based on a value increase of just over 23% in just seven days. Investors do not even have to hope for massive price increases, as DEFC also pays off as a long-term investment.

Due to Static Rewards, which can be funded thanks to a ten percent fee per. trading, DEFC holders receive a fixed number of new tokens at each exchange or sale of DeFi coins. The size of the regular reward depends on the share you have in relation to all available DeFi coins.

In addition, the fee of 10% keeps short-term day traders away, which causes high price instability. Part of the fee also runs into liquidity pools, which several exchanges use.

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In addition to static rewards and liquidity pools, the token, which is managed exclusively by the community, also offers benefits on DeFi Swap – the decentralized crypto exchange behind the DeFi coin. In the future, one would like to offer NFTs and more assets that are only available to DEFC holders.

The BEP20 token already has some exciting benefits that reward long-term holders. In the last three months, DEFC has also developed positively and can proudly report an increase of around 230%


The internal TRX token from the blockchain platform TRON was also able to perform well in the last week and increased from € 0.067 to € 0.077 today – an increase of almost 15%. TRX is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has always been able to increase its value in recent months: Three months ago, the TRON coin was still based on a price of € 0.053.

The reason for the emergence of TRON can be found in the strong structure of the blockchain operating system. The network should be able to handle a total of 2,000 transactions per second around the clock, which should make the crypto platform common to daily use. TRON surpasses not only Ethereum itself, but also other “Ethereum killers” such as Algorand or Cardano.

In the future, the developers of the decentralized network will create other benefits, such as rewards for the project creators, opportunities to launch new tokens or decentralization of video games. This means that the TRON and TRX coin can have a great future, as investors can be rewarded with juicy price increases.

3. Monero (XMR)

Monero is one of the most popular and well known platforms when it comes to anonymous transactions. After the regular XMR token had regularly experienced price explosions in the past, the cryptocurrency was also able to convince in the last seven days with a price increase from € 156 to over € 192 at times. The XMR price is now around € 175, which is still a 12% increase.

Monero the difference

Since 2014, the youngest cryptocurrency winner has offered some advantages over Bitcoin and Co., where the anonymity of transactions is always questioned. While cryptocurrencies are popular for trades that are supposed to be untraceable, the truth is that it is actually easier than expected to track the people behind the transactions.

Monero counteracts this problem and uses an advanced system to create additional cryptographic blurs, making transactions on the Monero network much more anonymous. Nevertheless, Monero has often been criticized in the past.

Not only the use of Monero for illegal trade, but also the proof-of-work algorithm is the focus of criticism. As with Bitcoin, so-called miners in the Monero network must validate transactions using the supplied computing power, leading to a high energy consumption.

Still, many people believe in the benefits of Monero and believe that the cryptocurrency has a future. This underscores not only the recent positive performance, but also the long-term price increases on the XMR over the past few years.

4. Lucky Block Coin (LBLOCK)

The fourth cryptocurrency that can currently defy the cryptocurrency winter is Lucky Block Coin (LBLOCK). Over the past month, the price has risen from € 0.0016 to the current € 0.002, allowing investors to achieve a 25% gain.

Lucky Block is a crypto lottery on Binance Smart Chain that offers blockchain-based online gambling. This guarantees a high level of transparency and security, which should revolutionize the gaming industry.

In addition, the regular jackpot draws are based on a special system that guarantees participants a fair game where everyone wins. 70% of the prize pool goes to a lucky main winner, the rest is distributed among all LBLOCK holders, donations to the good cause and the Lucky Block Marketing team.

2 million winnings with Lucky Block

In fact, the chances are extremely good that the BEP20 coin LBLOCK will continue to increase in value in the near future. The very first jackpot draw will take place on 31 May, ie later in the month. As LBLOCK tokens are required to participate, the demand and thus the price of Lucky Block Coin may skyrocket in the near future.

Lucky Block Coin is considered to be the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever, reaching a market value of $ 1 billion within three weeks of ICO. LBLOCK’s enormous potential is far from exhausted, which is why an investment could certainly pay off.

Instructions: How to participate in the Lucky Block Lottery

You can enter the LBLOCK Lottery with the following three steps:

Step 1: Connect your wallet and buy BNB

First we go to and click on the gold button that says “Connect Wallet To Buy”. Hereby we initiate the connection of our wallet with the BSC platform.

Then we can buy BNB either with crypto tokens or with fiat currencies by clicking on “Deposit Crypto” or “Deposit Fiat”. To do this, we select the currency we want to pay in and enter the amount.

Buy Lucky Block Token Large

The bottom field shows how many BNB tokens you get for the selected amount. If we are satisfied with the trade, we click on “Deposit” to buy the Binance coins.

Step 2: Switch BNB to LBLOCK

We then go back to the transaction window and now select BNB as the starting currency and LBLOCK as the target currency. Now we can enter the number of Binance coins that we want to exchange in the top field and complete the exchange with a single click.

Step 3: Enter the LBLOCK Lottery

Now that we’ve officially acquired the Lucky Block coins, we’ll keep the tokens safely in our wallets until May 31st. On the big day, we participate in the first LBLOCK lottery and look forward to big prizes and an exciting thrill.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor

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