Bad Säckingen: Gloria and the Children’s University: Readers are disappointed and outraged

Through no fault of their own, Hochrhein Children’s University was trapped between the city’s hardened fronts and the Gloria Theater. Gloria director Jochen Frank Schmidt and commercial director Alexander Dieterle feel abandoned by the city during the pandemic. Therefore, the Gloria magers decided to hand over all municipal tasks. And that includes the children’s university. Now the future of the plant is in the stars. The editors receive several letters from the editor about this:


Gloria’s operators have ended their collaboration with the cross-border initiative ‘Children’s University’ and no longer make the premises in Gloria available for their lectures. As a justification, Jochen Frank Schmidt explains that the city no longer wants to ‘exploit’ them and that they are ‘abandoned’. The city also offers its own series of cultural events, which are seen as competition and can also take place in Gloria.

Again, it is worth considering the facts before making a judgment: A lease agreement for the Gloria building, which is owned by the city, was concluded between the city and the operators of Gloria under the leadership of Mayor Weißbrodt – retrospectively. The ‘lease’ began on 1 January 2011 and was to end on 31 December, ie after 15 years. But the “tenants” were legally entitled to two five-year extensions. The ‘tenancy’ thus ends on 31 December 2035, ie 25 years after it began. A consideration for the ‘tenants’ was not agreed; the property was and is made available rent-free by the city, ie free of charge. It was also agreed that the city had and will maintain the building and the technical facilities at its own expense.

In the same contract, the city undertook to pay the operators of Gloria a subsidy of 240,000 euros in monthly installments until 31 December 2020.

Stadtwerke Bad Säckingen GmbH has been sponsoring the Gloria operators for years with a large annual amount. This was also a (indirect) support from the city, as the profits from SWS – reduced by the sponsorship – were paid to the city and benefited the general public.

When Gloria operators had to buy a digital projector for the cinema, they applied to the city for a grant of 15,000 euros. Although the claim that the cinema was running a deficit, which is why the subsidy was necessary, was not proven, this subsidy was also given.
In summary: The city supports the operators of Gloria with rent-free use of a municipal building for a period of 25 years, maintains the building with tax money, has provided two grants of a not insignificant amount and tolerated the sponsorship of Bad Säckingen public supply. One may ask oneself how Schmidt can come to the conclusion that the city is exploiting the Gloria operators. Especially since these are likely to have received benefits from federal and / or state funds during the pandemic. The overall assessment also includes that the editor of ‘Sonntag’, Daniel Gräber, examined Gloria’s profit situation (excellent at the time) and wrote a similar article in ‘Sonntag’, and that the Gloria operators changed sponsors in 2020 and have been out of electricity since when Schönau draws electricity, with which a municipal building is operated.

I am not able to comment reluctantly on the demand that the city abandon its own cultural work in favor of Gloria. This claim stems from a hubris that can no longer be rationally justified. With Thomas Ays, the city has an excellent employee who is also culturally responsible and who is not dependent on advice from Schmidt and Dieterle.

Before I read another intellectually subordinate comment: No, I’m not on a crusade against Gloria. I have always expressed that I am impressed with the performance of the Gloria operators in having realized a highly profitable business in a small urban environment. However, I saw it as my (obvious) task as a city council member to responsibly protect the city’s economy from any unjustified claims.
In conclusion: there is still a lot to say. But the fact that the gloria of the Gloria operators, who have just raised significant sums through crowdfunding and have become active in Badenweiler, now means that children are being harmed, speaks for itself. ”

Frank van Veen, Bad Saeckingen


“When I read in the newspaper that the children’s university could not take place in the Gloria Theater, I wondered how ungrateful the creators of the Gloria Theater could be. Dear Mr Schmidt and Mr Dieterle, you have in fact forgotten that you were rent-free in the Gloria Theater for several (I think 10) years? In other words, they had not paid rent for several years, and thanks to the cooperation with the municipal supply, they did not have to pay for electricity. were incurred costs for them.

The association has acquired a new cinema projector. For years, they had good visitor numbers and were generously supported by sponsors of all kinds. Through crowdfunding, they were also able to generate money for free! I find it scandalous that after so much Bad Säckingen has done for Gloria, they take the right to complain about the city and demand money. If only they had built up reserves that every businessman must make to make ends meet.

The ordinary businessman still has to pay rent, electricity, etc., which they should not. Think of gratitude, and do not just demand it. A little humility would be good here! In relation to the children’s university: You also get 1000 euros for a day. Is that not enough for you? “

Daniel Glembotzki, Bad Sackingen

Talent for faux pas?

“Gloria Theater is a very unusual cultural institution that costs the city of Bad Säckingen much less than the cost of similar things in other cities. Other cities envy us for the Gloria Theater. But Bad Säckinger ‘small-minded’ now lack the support. Is it a talent to do a mistake?”

Bernhard Biendl, Bad Säckingen

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