The spring meeting in Iffezheim starts with the children’s and family day

Top sport on the green lawn

The first race day was for the spring meeting in Iffezheim with children and family day, free beer for father’s day and mascot race.

Round of Honor: Jockey Mickael Forest won the Baden-Baden Hotel and Gastronomy Prize at the Iffezheim Spring Meeting.

Photo: Ralf Joachim Kraft

The noble thoroughbred brothers just went their rounds in the parade in the hand of the horse riders, while the well-dressed owners for the last time discussed racing tactics with the colorful jockeys and the nervous trainers. And off in the first gallop out on the run, into the starting machine.

A dull thump, the boxes pop up, the bell rings. And then we go. The thoroughbreds thunder down the track at speeds of up to 70 km / h. The spectators cheer on their horses and return to the racetrack after just a few minutes, cheering or cursing.

There is a lot going on in Mecca for players and horse lovers. There is again a vague party atmosphere without corona restrictions, masks and audience restrictions. A real El Dorado for mom, dad, kids and cones with lots of action for the whole family. The racetrack is full.

Several thousand visitors in the beginning

Thousands of visitors will not miss the start of the first spring meeting hosted by Baden Galopp. It is Ascension Day, so traditionally “Children and Family Day”, this time in collaboration with the Badische Gemeinde-Versicherungs-Verband (BGV).

Original idea: A discarded starter machine was transformed into a beer bar.

Photo: Ralf Joachim Kraft

First, the sky over the Iffezheim Hippodrome is still cloudy. But then almost only the sun shines. So ideal racetrack weather. If you still need a refreshing drink, you can get it in the form of free beer. In collaboration with Baden Galopp, the Rastatt brewery Franz offers 500 glasses of free beer, which quickly finds buyers. Particularly original: The beers can be sharpened in a disused starter machine, which has been converted into an outdoor beer bar.

A number of visitors are drawn to the new café on the guide, which was created in the former kindergarten. Others are drawn to the beach area, which will be newly established in 2021, or to the new picnic zone in Gontard Garden. There is no shortage of offers for the family. In the BGV children’s area at the main entrance next to the “Beach area” a lot happens.

Pferdeinand has loaded: The mascots started for the first time from the starting gate to the traditional race.

Photo: Ralf Joachim Kraft

The little ones at the racetrack get something for their money during the break with various games, fun and entertainment activities. The offer ranges from the children’s competition in the previous pony parade, crafts and painting activities to face painting. Many people crawl through the crawl tunnel, have their picture taken by a professional photographer or throw themselves into the bouncy castle.

After the Corona break, it’s great to enjoy the day here.

Natascha Junge and Stephanie Klay visitors

Natascha Junge from Hügelsheim and Stephanie Klay from Rheinmünster, who came with their children, are enjoying the relaxed day to the fullest. “The atmosphere is great, the day of action is nice, the children are busy and we also enjoy it,” the young mothers say. “After the long Corona break, it’s just great to get out again and enjoy the day here.”

“Mascot race” on the racetrack

After the third race, Pferdinand, the local hero among the mascots, prepares for his great achievement. Because he invited twelve friends to the “mascot race”, which was last seen in 2019.

In this test of a special kind, the colorful amulets of happiness compete from near and far in a 200-meter hurdles race across the grass field. You start from the starter for the first time. What counts at today’s fun highlight is the Olympic motto “Being there is everything”.

BNN’s chief reporter BeNNi is also there. The baby griffin with the blue cap had a good day and finished third in the “dead race” behind “Immobi” and the lion “Lilo” from Löwen-Apotheke, who shared first place. In the evening, music lovers will also get something for their money. At an after-party in the “Beach Area”, the “Twincats” really get things going.

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