Parents raise children to be “softened miserable creatures”

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Parents make it too easy for their children and shy away from conflicts, says one educator. © Imago / Imagebroker

A recognized educator explains what mistakes parents make when raising their children and what serious consequences it can have.

Neuss – Do children do what their parents tell them, or do parents do what their children want? According to an educator, the latter is more likely to be the case with today’s generation. Parents pamper their offspring, allow them everything and thus show neither boundaries nor rules. An educational researcher from Neuss (North Rhine-Westphalia) is of the opinion that this does not develop stable self-confidence in children. He therefore advocates that parents stop taking everything from their children and make it as easy as possible for them.

Wrong upbringing of children – the educator is safe: Is not well equipped for “life’s challenges”

Childhood and adolescence should actually prepare for the often-mentioned “serious side of life”. This includes not only the stay in day care centers or schools, but also the behavior of parents, who should not let their children get away with everything, but clearly communicate how people should behave. According to educator Albert Wunsch, today’s children are hardly robust, have low endurance and give up quickly, as he explained in an interview with mirror explained.

It is understandable that parents want to give their children special protection, especially during the corona pandemic. In the first week after the holidays, for example, parents in Baden-Württemberg drove their children directly to the school door. Associations then called for “parental taxis” to go to school to stop. According to educator Albert Wunsch, children are generally softened by their upbringing. They “imagine they can do an incredible amount, which is not true,” he said mirror. “And that, of course, means they are not well equipped to cope with life’s challenges.”

This also develops a self-presentation that may not be healthy for the children. “Today, there are many first-class princes and princesses who all think they are the center of the world,” Wunsch says. “Anyone who wants to communicate without restrictions expects praise and can not handle a stop or criticism.” According to the wish, the children’s behavior is a result of the parents’ behavior. The educator says parents are raising their children to become “soft miserable figures”, also reports*. And actor Henning Baum already etched on pedagogical methods.

Educator Albert Wunsch: Parents want to prove themselves, but they harm the child by doing so

Parents want to prove themselves to their children as good fathers and mothers and often also as friends. However, this harms their offspring. “They praise their kids for every little thing, and they think too much,” Wunsch says. “That way, the child does not develop real, stable self-confidence.” This can only develop if the child independently learns certain abilities and skills through practice. “Children should learn early to deal with challenges,” says the expert. “But it is hardly possible for them if their parents act too much for them and protect them from conflict.”

Editor’s note

This article was originally published on February 2, 2022. Since it is still relevant to our readers, the editors have updated it.

The reasons for raising children today, according to the educator, are very banal. Agreeing with the kids and letting them do everything is easier and faster, he said mirror. In addition, many parents want to avoid conflicts with their children. “It is understandable, but it is negative for the child. And the parents are quite selfish, ”says Wunsch. Of course, such statements cannot be applied to all children across the board, which the educator also admits. “I’m not saying it applies to all children, but the number is growing.”

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