Gevelsberg: summer holiday offers for children and young people

Travel through time: The Gevelsberg children’s holiday fun starts at the end of June and the end of July. This year there will be a journey through the ages.

The Gevelsberg children’s holiday fun takes place this time from 27 June to 15 July and from 25 July to 5 August. Here is an overview:
Travel through eras – antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times
. The team in the youth center and the assembly hall “Alte Johanneskirche” takes Gevelsberg children aged 6 to 12 on a journey into the past during the summer holidays.

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What was life like in ancient Greece, and how did it differ from the Roman Empire? Was that when the Olympics were born? Who was Alexander the Great? Where does the fascination for life in the Middle Ages come from? Knights, castles, magic and mystery still inspire young and old today. How and when were machines and technology invented in modern times that led to industrialization and laid the foundation for today’s machine and digital age? All this will be an unforgettable summer trip for the kids.

Holiday fun in the youth center

In the form of movement, play, creativity and group projects, learning can be fun and experienced here. Excursions in the area take place once a week. Registration takes place in a weekly package with lunch and participation fee. Of Holiday fun in the municipal youth center takes place as follows: June 27 to July 15 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 15:00, Wednesday from 9:00 to 18:00. Registration begins Wednesday, June 8 from kl. 10.00 via the Tremaze app or with prior registration on site by phone. Of Holiday fun in the town hall “Alte Johanneskirche” takes place as follows: 25 July to 5 August, Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 15.30. Registration begins on Wednesday, June 8 from 10.00 with prior registration on site by phone. Registrations for children from neighboring towns are possible for both facilities on Monday 20 June from kl.
Summer holiday program in the youth café Libber
from 27 June to 15 July and from 18 July to 29 July. more open Meeting place in the youth café Libber: In order for the youth center to be open in the holiday spirit, the youth café will be open to regular visitors from the age of eleven and interested on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 16-18.30 for the first three weeks.

Anyone who would like to spend time together in the peer group and is looking for play, sports and creative development is welcome to take advantage of the free offers.
“Back to the 80s – the beginning of digitization”
: In the fourth and fifth week of the summer holidays, the youth café in the youth center opens its doors to all children from the age of six, teenagers, young people and young adults. In the classic come and go structure, Gevelsberg’s young people can take advantage of Libberen’s offerings for free. This should be in the 80s character. German history, digitization and pop culture accompany the program. Paid recreational trips are held once a week, and there is a summer family party on the last day the youth café is open during the summer holidays – Friday 29 July.

Further information can be found on the Municipal Youth Center’s website (, the Tremaze page for the Municipal Youth Center ( or by phone at 02332 / 5570-10 / -26.

Information and information about the holiday entertainment offer in the town hall “Alte Johanneskirche” can be obtained from Mrs. Steller on 02332/66269 or by e-mail:

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