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April, April, he does what he wants. For example, happy children who later become quite successful. Why children born in April have a bright future.

Born in April: Zodiac sign Aries or Taurus

We could now tell you a lot about the alleged characteristics of Aries and Taurus. We could tell you that Aries children born between March 21 and April 20 are said to be particularly determined, brave and passionate. We could tell you that Bull Children born between April 21 and May 20 are known to be particularly loyal and confident. But we do not – or maybe just a little bit. For instead of relying on esotericism and astrology, we have looked at studies and research on the subject of birth months, and now we know what really defines April children.

Girl on flower meadow
April children are like April itself: lively, colorful and noisy.

How much does the month of birth affect the rest of your life

What are the connections – far from astrology – for between the month we were born in and our further lives, our state of health, even our personality?

Lots! Meanwhile, several studies have come to the same conclusion: Biochemical studies have shown that the time of year in which we are born has an effect on certain messenger substances in the brain – such as dopamine and serotonin. This can even be detected in adults. So the seasons affect our mood, our behavior and, as Hungarian researchers have found, also our temperament. The time of year we are born can therefore affect the rest of our lives.

The factors responsible for this imprint need to be investigated further, but impacts such as the environment or the weather are mentioned as partly responsible. A small example: A woman who is pregnant in the summer produces more vitamin D than a woman who is pregnant in the winter. Vitamin D is important for the development of your offspring’s immune system and brain. Summer children therefore benefit from their development of seasonal vitamin D injection.

April children are optimistic leaders

So how does April reflect on the character and temperament of the children born in it? Above all, positive! For anyone born in April, enjoy the booming spring: They score high on the optimism scale.

April children usually have a completely positive attitude to life and are therefore not easily defeated. So it is obvious that April children will later become real leaders: Researchers at the University of British Columbia have found that April children very often occupy leadership positions. Statistics back this up and show that those born in April have particularly good analytical skills and feel comfortable in leadership positions.

These are typical jobs for people born in April

Now that we know that people born in April like to take the lead, we are of course also interested in which sectors they work in most often. Statistics say: Because they are particularly sensitive and empathetic, April children prefer educational and artistic pursuits. But politics also seems to have a big attraction for those born in April. Science, on the other hand, does not appeal to them. Which April Child Max Planck, founder of quantum theory, does not seem to have scared.
A small side note: Apparently, an above-average number of dictators were also born in April. Let’s leave it uncommented …

April children’s health

The optimism of the April children makes them strong people, most of whom have a well-established mental health. But highlights are also followed by downturns: At the same time, those born in April also have a greater number of depressive illnesses.
From the month of March, the life expectancy also begins to decline.

So winter births seem to be a bit more robust than babies born in the hot season. One possible explanation: The danger that the spring and summer children after the first warm months of life can easily get a viral infection and subsequent bronchitis or pneumonia in the colder autumn months. Therefore, the statistics also show that April children liked angina more often. Respiratory and lung diseases are also more common in April children. Is the spring pollen load that babies are exposed to from birth to blame?

In contrast, the tendency to be overweight is quite low in people born in April. Children in April can also score points in terms of height: On average, they are the tallest.

Famous April children

• Herbert Groenemeyer (April 12, 1956)
• Gerhard Schroeder (April 7, 1944)
• Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452)
• Emma Watson (April 15, 1990)
• Queen Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926)
• Immanuel Kant (April 22, 1724)

Test: What job should your child have later?

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