Tennis am Rothenbaum: Zoff about the men’s tournament – it’s required by the organizer

Tennis at Rothenbaum

Zoff on the men’s tournament: It’s organizer Reichel now

Sandra and Peter Michael Reichel will ensure that top-class tennis can continue to take place in Hamburg for as long as possible. But does the German Tennis Federation want that too?

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After the German Tennis Federation announced that it would work with a new partner from 2024, the dispute came to a head.

Hamburg. About the future of Men’s tennis tournament in Rothenbaum, Hamburg one brewery confrontation between the current organizer, the entrepreneurial family Reichel and The German Tennis Federation (DTB) on. After the evening newspaper on Tuesday reported that DTB as a licensee wanted to collaborate with a new partner from 2024, Peter-Michael Reichel reacted very surprised to this development.

Unlike the umbrella organization, he sees the tournament under the leadership of his daughter Sandra, who is the tournament manager, at least until 2025. “We assume that our contract with DTB will at least be extended as compensation for the two Corona years where it does not “After all, after our successful further development of the tournament, we want to be in Hamburg in the long term,” the 69-year-old Austrian told Abendblatt.

Tennis am Rothenbaum: Reichel surprised by DTB

The entrepreneur and his daughter took over the license from Michael Stich in 2019. In 2020 and 2021, the tournament suffered under severe restrictions caused by the pandemic. This year, from 16 to 24 July, men and women appear together on Hallerstraße for the first time since 1978, which Reichels had proclaimed to be the main goal when they took over. In light of this development, but also because relations with the city of Hamburg had improved significantly, Peter-Michael Reichel was surprised by DTB’s decision to re-issue the license.

“First of all, we are waiting for a justification for this step. I was only informed by telephone from DTB chairman Dietloff von Arnim that DTB is planning with a new partner from 2024 onwards. Our tournament starts in almost two months, this discussion is completely unexpected, comes at the wrong time and can not be in DTB’s interest, “he says. He and his daughter are in regular contact with the city. “The relationship is very good, both sides want to continue working together,” he said. Minister of Sports Christoph Holstein had confirmed to the evening newspaper that he had been informed by DTB and Reichels. They will also collaborate with a new partner, but consider the current constellation to be very fruitful.

The tennis organizer blames the umbrella organization for that

Peter-Michael Reichel was particularly surprised by DTB’s actions, as the current contract stipulates that the association should have submitted a letter of intent by the end of 2020 at the latest, whether the collaboration should continue after 2023. “Unfortunately, DTB never took a position on this and left us in the dark for almost two years. Of course, we are more than surprised and disappointed by that, “said Reichel.” The fact that we have been exposed for so long has also blocked many promising negotiations with potential sponsors. The DTB is not financially affected at all, it is only a problem for us.

Peter-Michael Reichel initially left open whether there were any lawsuits against DTB. “We are first waiting for the official justification and then we hope to find a way that is fair to both sides,” he said. The women’s tournament, which was held in Hamburg for the first time since 2002 and which Reichels alone has the license to hold separately from the men’s tournament in Rothenbaum, is certainly an option. “Sandra is now deeply rooted in Hamburg and would like to continue organizing in the city. But it would be a shame if we had to separate the tournaments again, because combined tournaments are the best format for our sport. ” Unfortunately, DTB refused to acquire the WTA license together.

The Masters tournament in Germany has been under discussion for several months

In fact, the association’s enthusiasm for the combined tournament in Hamburg is limited, and there is talk that Reichels is going alone. The reason could be that the 500 license for men (500 world ranking points for the winner) is needed to merge it with the 500 license from the lawn tournament in Halle (Westphalia) for a 1000 license, which means the end of the men’s tennis at Rothenbaum Stadium renovated for ten million euros in 2020. A master tournament for Germany has been under discussion at the men’s tennis organization ATP for months, but could only be played on grass in preparation for the Grand Slam classic at Wimbledon. Germany is the only major tennis market in the world that has neither a Grand Slam nor a Masters tournament. England are also considered a candidate for yet another European Masters, but have deteriorated shortly after the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian professionals from the Wimbledon tournament following instructions from the British government.

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