Stiko recommendation: Corona vaccination now also for healthy children from five years

Recommendation of Stiko: Corona vaccination now also for healthy children from five years

Stiko has updated his advice on vaccinating children.

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In other countries, young children have long been vaccinated against the corona virus, but in Germany, Stiko had a hard time coming up with a general recommendation. Now the committee is giving the green light.

She had a hard time making a decision and hesitated for a long time. Now the Standing Vaccination Committee (Stiko) is also giving the green light to a corona vaccination of healthy children between the ages of five and eleven. Unlike the vaccination schedule for other groups, they should initially receive only one mRNA vaccine dose, according to a statement from the committee on Tuesday, which updates the vaccination recommendation. The vaccination should “preferably” be performed with the Comirnaty vaccine from Biontech in a reduced dose. According to the approval, Spikevax (Moderna) can also be used by children aged six to eleven. That is a final recommendation.

The vaccination recommendation has been made as a precautionary measure because a renewed increase in corona infections must be expected in the autumn and winter, Stiko wrote. “The original one-time vaccination aims to build the best possible basic immunity.” Should it become necessary to improve vaccination protection, this can be done quickly with a longer vaccination interval between the first and second vaccinations.

So far, children should receive only one dose of the vaccine

Such a longer distance would then provide “a better protective effect and longer lasting protection”, it states. The likelihood of myocarditis after other vaccinations that may become necessary later may be further reduced by a longer vaccination interval in this age group, where the risk is already much lower than in adolescents and adults.

So far, Stiko has only recommended corona vaccination for children between five and eleven if they had certain previous diseases and therefore were at increased risk or people with high coronary risk in the area. So far, however, each child has been able to be vaccinated upon request and after consultation with a physician. Children with previous illnesses should continue to receive basic immunization with two vaccinations and a booster vaccination, according to Stiko in its updated recommendation.

Also updated recommendation for recycled

Children without a previous illness, in whose environment there are people at high risk of a serious course, should therefore have a basic immunization with two vaccine doses. “Healthy children who have already received two vaccinations should not be vaccinated again for the time being,” the experts said. Stikoen also promised that the question of whether it would be necessary to carry out the basic vaccination or a booster vaccination for children would be reconsidered in late summer – or when the number of infections increased again.

Vaccination recommendations from Stiko are considered the medical standard and are an important guideline for many doctors. Stiko had previously justified the lack of a general vaccination recommendation for the age group on the grounds that there was a lack of data and that there was only a low risk of severe Covid 19 disease for healthy children. There has long been a general vaccination recommendation for children over the age of 12, and a vaccine for children under the age of five has not yet been approved.

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In addition, Stiko has also updated its recommendation for handling convalescence centers that have not yet been fully vaccinated. Therefore, people with one or more previous coronary infections should also be vaccinated. An infection is therefore not enough to prevent future corona diseases.

According to scientific knowledge, solid protection against infection and serious illness is only possible by repeatedly handling the so-called spike protein of Sars-CoV-2. This is achieved either through basic immunization and boosters or through vaccination before or after an infection. A minimum range is important for adequate protection.


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