Florian Sondershausen: Asset building in the crypto market – with a calculable risk

Florian Sondershausen


Florian Sondershausen is an expert in cryptocurrencies and CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH. He supports his clients in investing in the crypto market with a well thought out concept and calculable risk. Here you can find out how he goes about it, why he places great emphasis on complete information, and how he combines his clients’ individual goals with his strategies.

In the face of persistent inflation, many people are trying to protect themselves financially. Many of them consider investing in the crypto market to be a useful way to do this. So they hope to be able to use cryptocurrencies to build assets in a planned way. However, only a few interested parties are successful in putting this goal into practice – due to their lack of know-how, their failure is inevitable. In addition, they often shy away from realizing their plans due to prejudice and fear. “Many of our customers initially struggle with a lot of uncertainty. Their biggest problem is that they simply have very little knowledge about cryptocurrencies,” explains Florian Sondershausen.

“Although they have often already dealt with the crypto market to some degree, they lack the basic understanding of it. Therefore, I explain all the risks and opportunities to them in detail and thus remove their fears. As a result, worry, that they invest successfully using a clear concept, “continues the financial expert. Florian Sondershausen has worked extensively with cryptocurrencies since 2012 – he has followed their development almost from the beginning. Over the years, he developed a concept based on his personal observations and experiences, which makes it possible to use the crypto market as a platform for calculable wealth building.

How Florian Sondershausen supports its customers

According to Florian Sondershausen, a targeted strategy is needed to be able to plan investments in the crypto market and use the various blockchain technologies profitably. The financial expert optimized his concepts over many years. He teaches them to his clients in a detailed step-by-step plan – always taking into account their individual level of knowledge.

He also systematically introduces beginners to the crypto market and explains to them in interactive training sessions how to develop a goal-oriented plan. Each participant also benefits from Florian Sondershausen’s customer network, where obstacles are overcome together and successes are celebrated together.

Enlightenment as a basis for success

For many people, the still prevalent prejudices and their poor knowledge of the crypto market constitute a presumably insurmountable obstacle. Florian Sondershausen also considers a solid knowledge of how to handle cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies to be an essential basis for success, which is therefore an essential in his advice is on a complete clarification.

Cryptocurrency trading is an unregulated market. Extensive expertise is therefore needed to be able to plan asset accumulation, according to Florian Sondershausen. Therefore, lay people are fundamentally unable to assess the potential of the currency objectively and based on extensive experience. Collaboration with professionals is therefore essential to replace unrealistic expectations with well-founded information and to develop a targeted strategy on this basis.

Custom-fit concepts thanks to Florian Sondershausen: strategic planning based on specific customer goals

“Most of my clients have a very unique view of the crypto market. For some of them, it represents a long-term investment platform, while it is sometimes also seen as the basis for active and rapid wealth building,” explains Florian Sondershausen. These different views are accompanied by different goals for the individual stakeholders.

In addition to comprehensive information and dissemination of a systematic plan, Florian Sondershausen therefore places great emphasis on integrating its customers’ individual goals and needs into its strategies. In this way, he has already been able to help more than 1,000 participants in his coaching to build an additional source of income in parallel with their main job – and paved the way for them to financial freedom.

Do you also want to take advantage of the potential of the crypto market and promote your wealth building with a calculable risk? Contact Florian Sondershausen now and apply for a free initial consultation!

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