Coburg: Mom desperate after moving

  • Coburg: Desperate mother is looking for the “best memories” of her children
  • During move: Cardboard and laundry basket disappear simply by plot
  • “can not believe your eyes”: 51-year-old can do it Loss hardly believe
  • “Hope dies last”: Coburger wishes But do not give up the search

Ulrike Greiner had really looked forward to it Move within Coburg. I have her privately “difficult years” backwards – that new apartment along with her eleven-year-old son, a good friend and her child Leave for a better time be in opposition to them told. But then it shock: As mother of three Sunday afternoon (May 22, 2022) wants to get more things from his old place with his car is one cardboard box and laundry basket suddenly away from the property disappeared. Inside: uirreplaceable memories and heirlooms.

Mother of three puts cardboard on property in Coburg – suddenly everything is gone

“It must between 16.00 and 18.30 must have happened, “says Greiner.” The days before – as best we could – we had boxes and laundry baskets in Packed the car and drove to the new apartment“It was like that last Sunday.” We had packed too much, and that not everyone went in the car anymore“Said the 51-year-old. That’s why she has one gray laundry basket with a glued handle and one brown box without handle on the property for the residential building in Postweg 2a in the Coburg district of Ketschendorf turned off.

“There was Photo folders with pictures of my three children inside – that went from baby alder to fourth grade“, says Greiner. In the laundry basket there was, among other things, one Her grandmother’s test found – a heirloom, as she points out. The box and laundry basket were not immediately visible from the street. “You do not walk right past it, you have to turn your head, it was a little further in by the parking lot there.”

“As we come again is, we thought that can not be true. We have ours I could not believe my own eyes, it was all gone“, says mother of three in a sad voice. Then she has one great search operation started – in trash cans, in the neighborhood, “we were even in Area of ​​B4 at Itzhas rattled off all the green areas ”.

51-year-old continues to search for photos of his children – “Hope dies last”

“We thought someone might have done it stolen and then dumped“. But from their “best memories” there are no traces. that policewhere Greiner on Monday filed a complaint against unknown individuals, she was told little hope finished, she says. “They have bad chances there,” the 51-year-old said. Also at Facebook had launched an appeal – and sometimes got ugly answers. “It makes me really angry, if anyone writes that it is my own fault and would have been unfortunate. I have not put anything directly on a street and also no note with ‘giving away’ glued there. “

It all “touches my family and me very, very strongly. It really bothers me, it’s so sad,” the mother of three says. She just could not understand, “that someone is using it,” Greiner emphasizes – it’s all about it memorabiliaas mainly of high personal value even though the albums themselves were not exactly cheap. “How can you be so brave?” The question, what anyone wants with their children’s picturesemploys Coburger.

Despite the low probability of success, she does not want to give up the search yet. “That hope dies last“, she says. Maybe someone just has the things “remand prison”. Even if someone stole the laundry basket and the box, wish her dearlythat this person she might bring back again. “At least the pictures of the kids,” she says.

Anyone with information about the missing box and laundry basket should contact Ulrike Greiner by email.

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