Bochum children design the desired playground in Volkspark

The city of Bochum gathers ideas for the new design of the playground in Volkspark in Günnigfeld. The kids from the area are enthusiastic.

There was a little bit of desired time on playgrounde.g in public park in Günnigfelie. For some of the devices are being used for years and the green office in Bochum was hoping for suggestions for the new equipment and also criticism of the current furniture. Conclusion: The park is very well received by the neighbors and there are ideas for the future.

Bochum children design the desired playground in Volkspark

A good 40 comments, wishes, but also complaints were gathered under the pavilion, which was specially set up at the table tennis tables. It rained promptly, but the echo did not stop.

The city of Bochum wants to equip themed playgrounds everywhere

With redesign and redesign of the area on Parkallee, the Park Office wants to implement the master plan from October 2021, and “mining” was chosen as the key word for the design of the square. “A veritable themed playground should be created in all parts of the city,” Christoph Hebmüller explained to the specialist administration. “We also want to upgrade the systems as a whole where necessary or desired.”

Some sketches gave suggestions for possible arrangements, for example about the primitive plants from which the coal was formed, which was the focal point of mining in the Ruhr area. Both children and parents came up with suggestions in the direction of headgear or climbing frames on the roller coaster, tire swings, pipes as mine tunnels to hide or slide through, a “fat trampoline” or fitness equipment like those on Centrumplatz.

Mining provides keywords

Myriam Plutta, who came with her children (7 and 10), has lots of praise for the park. “We like to come here, especially the kids like the hill.” Landscape architect Ralf Müller, who complements the city’s administration team, says: “In winter, it will definitely be used for tobogganing as well.”

Some of the current equipment should continue to be used, he assessed, such as the pergola. “There is really a great potential here for the children from the area, and if even larger play equipment is set up under the overall theme ‘mining’, there will definitely be more from a larger area.” From what many visitors from the mining museum know, some things could be adopted for the devices and the design.

The spacious park, came as a suggestion, could perhaps also offer space for older children and young people, for example to play basketball or for a boules court.

Garbage and dog baby here too

However, district mayor Hans-Peter Herzog (SPD) and his deputy Oliver Buschmann (Greens) were also criticized. Garbage and above all dog baby should be removed more frequently to keep the park attractive, a visitor urged.

The collection of ideas must now first be evaluated and bundled, then the city council must discuss the concept.

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