Rheinfelden: The children first move back to St. Gallus Kindergarten in Rheinfelden in October

Since January, they are about 70 kindergarten children from St. Gallus in Warmbach not been cared for in their actual facility but in the Catholic Assembly House. The background is the renovation of the roof structure, which is massively attacked by forest worms. As the parish now states, the relocation is probably not possible until mid-October, when the new kindergarten year has already started.

A look at the roof chair in the kindergarten, which is infested with forest worms.

A look at the roof chair in the kindergarten, which is infested with forest worms. | Photo: Verena Pichler

The delay in work on the roof structure is due to a construction stoppage that the planners had to impose in February. “When we partially opened the roof truss in the fall of 2021, we assumed there were about 50 percent woodworm infestations,” explains civil engineer Karlheinz Thomann. The renovation was necessary because the roof had been damaged by water. The forest worm attack came on top. “We could no longer detect any active attack in the areas studied,” Thomann said.

The renovation was scheduled for February and the kids had moved in January. The assembly hall was upgraded for about 80,000 euros. “We had to install fire protection doors and secure the garden,” says Mouttet Ebner. But it was a stroke of luck that the plant could switch to this house. The alternative would have been containers. “It would have cost about 200,000 euros,” said ward council chairman Günther Schmidt, who is following the renovation closely. The bad news came in February: the woodworm attack was more severe than expected, Thomann estimates that about 90 percent of the roof structure is affected. And the worm is still active. As a result, construction was forced to stop and the carpenters who had already been ordered could not get started.

This work is scheduled to begin in July. Piece by piece, parts of the roof truss would be replaced. Thomann is hoping for a summer with little rainfall, the carpenters can not work when it rains. If everything sticks to the schedule, final cleaning will take place in mid-October. The move will take another four to five days. The expenditure amounts to a six-figure amount, of which 70 per cent is borne by the city. The wardrobes are also bought new. They moved with – they would not survive further disassembly and assembly.

influence on the children

The delay in the renovation of St. Gallus Kindergarten in Warmbach has an impact on the upcoming new recordings. For the 14 children who have been given a place in the Catholic care, will only be admitted to the day care institution after the relocation from the assembly hall. “We will immediately inform the parents that they must build a bridge over these four weeks,” said Nicole Mouttet Ebner, the head of the Catholic day care institutions in Rheinfelden and Weil am Rhein.

For children and parents, the move went very smoothly, and the day care center was only closed for an extra week, says Mouttet Ebner. Over Easter, because the parish wanted to give back to its employees the holidays they had used for the move in January. Mouttet Ebner emphasizes that parents were always informed. However, the district advisory board did not feel sufficiently informed, and in late April, spokesman Dieter Wild criticized the communication method.

The church buildings

St. Gallus Kindergarten has been around since the 1950s and has been repeatedly renovated or expanded over the decades. The Catholic Church runs eight day care centers in the city and provides child care for more than 700 children. “This is the area in which the church shows itself most strongly in society,” says Andreas Brüstle, head of the pastoral care unit. This is how it should be in the future – despite efforts to reduce the number of church buildings. “We actually have too many in the Rheinfelden,” says Brüstle. But the archdiocese has given clear statements that kindergartens are secured. As for the other buildings, such as parish houses or churches, you have to enter an emotionally painful path, says Brüstle. In Lörrach, two churches have already been desecrated, and Brüstle does not consider it impossible for the Rheinfelden either. The rejection process has already begun: the vicarages in Herten and Minsel are sold.

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