Karcher design reference – Le Monde publishing house, Karcher GmbH, press release

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of France’s most important opinion-forming newspaper – Le Monde, the Norwegian architects Snøhetta together with the French office SRA Architectes developed a new publishing house for the entire Le Monde media group.

Right next to the Austerlitz train station in the 13th arrondissement of Paris and just nine meters above the underground railway tracks, the new publishing house of the Le Monde editorial staff has been standing since 2020. With a height of 140 meters, a width between 22 and 48 meters and a total of 8 floors, the publisher differs greatly from the other buildings in its vicinity.

The Paris Rive Gauche district, where the new building was erected, has changed a lot over the last 40 years. Originally, the district was used for goods handling between the surrounding area and the city and specialized above all in supplying “Paris’ Halls”. But the economic turnaround presented new challenges, which is why the district is now one of the biggest urban renewal projects in all of Paris. Since 1991, Paris Rive Gauche has been managed and marketed by a development company that helps make the district a modern district, with office buildings as well as hotels and restaurants.

The new publishing house of Le Monde Group is clearly taking the first step in the right direction. Thanks to its facade of more than 20,000 glass panels, the building glows and shines, drawing all the attention to the district.

Not only its external appearance, but above all the structure and the difficult adaptation to the environment make the building a real eye-catcher.

As the train tracks run just nine meters below the building, the architects had to adapt directly to the surroundings. They accepted the challenge and developed a bridge constellation so that only the two ends of the building where the entrances are located should bear the burden of construction.

A steel structure without the concrete cores makes it possible to build such a building with 22,500 m of usable area on only two foundation piles, which is why it won the property award “Grand Prix SIMI” in December 2020 in the category “new office”. building with more than 10,000 m² “.

The connecting steel bridge element spans a spacious public space that creates enough space for seating and bicycle parking.

The functional and aesthetically pleasing building, which as the only creatively implements the complex and intricate urban environment, forms an inviting gateway to the new district and gives its immediate surroundings form and support in a modern architectural style.

However, modernity can be found not only in the building’s structure and almost legible facade, but also in the interior. Due to the glass window facade that runs around, a lot of light and brightness flows into the interior of the building.

The huge offices of the individual newspapers in the Le Monde Group create space for a total of 1,600 employees and are spatially separated from each other by white steel beams that are still visible.

The few doors in the building are adorned with Karcher stainless steel pull handle ES3 in matt stainless steel. The Karcher Design stainless steel pull handle can be used universally for various doors thanks to its shape and structure. For example for glass, wooden or plastic doors. It is available in more than 10 lengths – from 300 to 2000 mm – and since 2021 also in the award-winning scratch-resistant color Kosmos Black. Due to its comfortable handling with a diameter of only 32 mm and its simple and timeless design in matt stainless steel, it snuggles in against the doors of the building and literally blends in with the bright and modern interior.

Functionality, simplicity and modernity can also be found inside the Le Monde building thanks to the Karcher design handle ES3 in matt stainless steel.

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