Jan Leyk privately: does the reality show celebrity have a boyfriend and kids?

In fact, before the start of the third season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, one would have thought that garbage show volcano Elena Miras would create unrest on the Thai celebrity beach. But already at the beginning of the show, Jan Leyk had snatched her this title. The VIP candidate insulted his comrades-in-arms and even rebelled against the television station RTLZWEI. AZ took a closer look at his career to date.

Jan Leyk’s TV career: This is how he became known

Jen Leyk first started his celebrity career at the age of 27, when he first appeared in the script reality soap “Berlin – Tag & Nacht” (BTN) in 2011. The role of bartender Carlos Hansen was almost tailored to him because he had previously worked as an event caterer. This was followed by appearances on “Promi Big Brother” (2013), “Grill den Henssler” (2016 and 2019) and “Kampf der Realitystars” (2022).

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Jan Leyk: allegation of physical harm leads to expulsion from “Berlin – day and night”

Just a year after joining “BTN”, it was over for Jan Leyk. He was fired from the show in 2012 after being charged with assault. The 37-year-old became violent towards a woman and must even have strangled her. “I did not really have my emotions and my impulsivity under control at the time,” he explains ten years later on “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022. “Unfortunately, I have become a bit violent towards a lady, which of you do of course not.”


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Jan Leyk vs. Elena Miras: How is the relationship between the two?

Jan Leyk also met Elena Miras in the TV show, who was not very fond of him when we first met him. “I do not know him, but he pulled me so hard, including my daughter,” Elena said on the show. But after the first personal sniff, the two seemed to understand each other quite well.

Jan Leyk fortune: TV star talks about high debt

After being thrown out of “BTN”, Jan Leyk built a career as a DJ and performed in Germany and abroad, which gave him a good income. Nevertheless, he accumulated debt, as he said, “I was just living beyond my means, and therefore I had a huge pile of debt. I still have a proper lid open.”

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But how much did he actually earn as a DJ? The trash celebrity also reported quite openly about this in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. “At one point during my wedding, I had ten bookings a month and I got 10,000 euros per booking for a 60-minute DJ show.” According to his own statement, he earned up to 100,000 euros a month, but lost himself as a result. There should be nothing left of the money today. “I was addicted to gambling and I must have gambled 200,000 to 300,000 euros away. […] I’m completely devastated. “

Scandal in “Battle of the Reality Stars”: Jan Leyk rebels against TV companies

In the show, however, Jan Leyk not only showed his emotional side, but also gave the troublemaker. When the VIPs lost a game in the second episode and were about to be punished for it, he refused. The DJ even encouraged his fellow musicians to do the same. “In this case, I may be more creative than the production,” he clarified, pointing with his middle finger at the camera. Even when talking to show staff, he turned his back and no longer wanted to answer questions. Eventually, the 37-year-old complied and accepted the punishment.

After “Bastard” says: Jan Leyk goes after celebrity

But just a little later, Jan Leyk almost flipped out again. During another match, he knocked a cup out of the hand of his teammate Yasin Mohamed, who called him a “bastard”. The DJ then pushed the opponent out of the court. The situation threatened to topple briefly. “As a big brother, you have domestic rights, and you can not get so angry,” Jan Leyk explained afterwards. Yasin apologized for the insult and thus created relaxation again.

After being thrown out: Jan Leyk may return to “Battle of the Reality Stars” in 2022

In episode five of the reality show, the riot celebrity was over, his colleagues threw him out of the show. But already in episode seven, he was allowed to return with Sissi Hofbauer. All the eliminated VIPs struggled to get back in the sala, Jan Leyk won the game. In the same episode, however, the reality stars kicked him off the show again.

Does Jan Leyk have a girlfriend and children?

In his private life, Jan Leyk does not seem to have a woman by his side at the moment and presents himself mostly alone on Instagram. In 2021, he announced the separation from his girlfriend. A cause of love, however, was not made public. It is also not known if he has children.

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