Europa-Park beats Disneyland Paris and rules in Europe

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Of: Sina Alonso Garcia


Europa-Park wins the ranking of the most popular amusement parks in Europe and makes Disneyland look old. © Imago / Petra Schneider / dpa / Jens Kalaene (photo montage BW24)

Europa-Park Rust has a crucial advantage over Disneyland Paris. This helped him to triumph in an international ranking.

Rust – That Europa-Park Rust is Germany’s most popular amusement park should not come as a big surprise to most people. Now, however, the adventure resort based in Baden-Württemberg also won the title of the best amusement park in Europe – even Disneyland beat Paris. As a current analysis of the “best amusement parks in Europe” by the travel portal Travel circus shows, the people of Rust leave behind several well-known parks. For the evaluation, the portal compared the 65 most popular amusement parks in Europe and 2,598 attractions. The categories: value for money, ratings, awareness factor, fun factor for different age groups, Instagram factor.

Europa-Park and other parks triumph over Disneyland Paris in terms of value for money

In addition to entrance prices, opening hours, ratings, Google search volume and Instagram postings, all attractions were surveyed and categorized in the rankings. In total, the parks could collect a maximum of five points in five categories – a total of 25 points. Europa-Park secured 21.84 points and finished in first place Park Efteling from the Netherlands secured the silver trophy with 21.05 points, while Disneyland Paris just barely came on the podium with 20.61 points.

If you look at how the parks have performed in the individual categories, it is striking: While Disneyland trumps Europa-Park and many other parks in terms of awareness, age-appropriate and Instagram factor, it comes last in one category – in terms of value for the money. Almost every other park scored well here, but Disneyland falls far short.

The ranking calculated how much admission a family of four pays per offered attraction. In addition, the average fare per. slide intended. The mean value was calculated from both factors. The less you pay on average per attraction and roller coaster, the higher the score. Europa-Park scored 4.43 points here, Disneyland 1.49. In other words, at Disneyland, on average, visitors have to pay significantly more for an attraction than they do in Europa-Park and the other parks on the rankings.

Tripsdrill makes it one of the 25 best theme parks in Europe

Another park from Ländle has also reached the top of the rankings. The Tripsdrill Adventure Park in Cleebronn (Heilbronn district) secured an impressive 21st place:

1 Europa Park (Germany) 21.84
2 Efteling (Netherlands) 21.05
3 Disneyland Paris (France) 20.61
4 PortAventura World (Spain) 20.20
5 Liseberg (Sweden) 19.97
6 Energylandia (Poland) 19.95
7 Gardaland (Italy) 19.86
8 Linnanmaki (Finland) 19.70
9 Tivoli Copenhagen (Denmark) 19:21
10 Plopsaland (Belgium) 19.01
11 Fantasyland (Germany) 18.94
12 Parc Asterix (France) 18.92
13 Alton Towers (England) 18.83
14 Holiday park (Germany) 18.78
15 Hansa Park (Germany) 18.77
16 Toverland (Netherlands) 18.74
17 Heide Park (Germany) 18.67
18 Mirabilandia (Italy) 18.59
19 Grona Lund (Sweden) 18.55
20 Djurs Sommerland (Denmark) 18.48
21 Adventure Park Tripsdrill (Germany) 18.48
22 Fort Fun Adventure Land (Germany) 18.44
23 Bayern Park (Germany) 18:22
24 Movie Park Germany (Germany) 18.20
25 Le PAL (France) 18:15


Especially Europa-Park fans who turned their backs on the park due to higher prices should prick up their ears in light of the rankings. This shows: Among the 25 best parks in Europe, Europa-Park ranks fifth in terms of value for money. So there are many other parks that offer significantly less for their entrance fees than those in Rust do. The fact that Europa-Park raised entrance prices again in 2022 apparently had no effect on this positive result.

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