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The French football club Pau FC, which plays in Ligue 2, seems to want to reinvent itself. A few days ago, the club presented itself with a completely changed club logo. There is encouragement for this from many fans.

In the 2021/2022 season of Ligue 2, the second division of French men’s football, which ended last weekend, Pau FC was number 14 on the final table. A few days later, Pau FC was determined to write a new chapter in the club’s history. Due to the insolvency, the club was dissolved in 1995 to be re-established immediately under former player Bernhard Laporte-Fray as president. After the club had been in the third or fourth division for a long time, they were promoted to Ligue 2 in 2020.

A few days ago, Pau FC appeared on the club’s website with a completely changed club logo. The association has not commented on the change for any reason. Even in the social media environment, the logo is exchanged without any background information. In times of digital communication, such an approach is remarkable. Regardless of this, many fans can, at least according to some comments, become friends with the completely changed new emblem.

Pau FC logo - before and after
Pau FC logo – before and after, Image source: Pau FC

One rarely sees such a comprehensive redesign in football, where reference to tradition is very pronounced. There can be no question of an evolutionary and careful further development. While brand logos have been geared towards a simplified design adapted to digital communication media for years – and this development can be observed worldwide and across all sectors – Pau FC is going in a different direction.

The new emblem is more complex and contains significantly more elements than the previously used logo. The body no longer consists of a crown-covered shield, but of a circle with the inscription “PAU FOOTBALL CLUB”, the year “1995” and two lilies in an inner ring. The white interior, on the other hand, houses numerous graphic elements, including a crown that is significantly smaller than before. Even the club colors have been adjusted: blue is now much darker than before.


A modern logo is certainly not what Pau FC from now on used as a distinctive character. The sign, which looks like a heraldic coat of arms, has more of a riddle, a picture puzzle than a modern signet. The many graphic elements are no longer recognizable in small images. The club logo is neither created for today’s digital communication nor for flocking / embroidery on player clothes, nor is it very independent in a football context, let alone memorable. that Copper plate also using it in a new brand image in 2022 is very special. I associate this type with 1990s Christmas cards. The design is so old school that it almost seems like a parody, as if someone had let the steam out on a project at Behance. It can all sound very harsh. In fact, I’m completely fascinated by the fact that a club has come up with a design that has been ironed out towards the mainstream in that way. Pau FC should not announce the end of the “minimalism trend”. But at least the French club offers some variation in the design industry, which is often oriented towards conformity.

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