Kreis invites children from Rees and Emmerich to play

Emmerich / Rees.
The district of Kleve offers free action days for children during the summer holidays in all 16 municipalities. This is planned in Emmerich and Rees.

Jump up in the air on the bungee trampoline, climb, glide, play in the ball pool or jump – the children in the Kleve district can play carefree during the summer holidays in all 16 cities and communities at the request of the Kleve district. The district administration is going on a big trip, so to speak.

“As children in particular are among the ‘losers of the corona pandemic’, we have decided that in the summer of 2022, instead of the Courage Youth Festival, there should be new event formats for the youngest, which can be planned at short notice,” explains the district administrator. Silk Gorißen.

21 free play afternoons on offer

With the series of events “Play without borders”, the city administration then “goes out into the open” and invites the little ones to a total of 21 free play afternoons during the summer holidays.

In the five larger cities there are two consecutive event afternoons each, in the eleven other municipalities it is one afternoon each. “My special thanks go to the mayors of the district for their support. All 16 municipalities have offered us a central event venue and date opportunities where there is no local municipal event for the youth.” Thus during the summer holidays in all 16 cities and municipalities: “Children’s summer in the district Kleve: play without borders..”

The district administrator even looked at the promotional play equipment

The outdoor campaigns are carried out by HD Promotion Dünkelmann from Kalkar and Der Spassmacher from Gelsenkirchen. During an on-site visit to the commercial building in Kalkar-Kehrum, District Administrator Silke Gorißen took a look at the play equipment. “The kids are going to have a lot of fun,” she says with certainty, looking at the bungee trampoline, the big bouncy castle, the football vessel, the football darts, the gladiatorial match and the toy car for the little ones.

Heiner Dünkelmann explained that trained support staff will be on site. “Playing Without Borders” takes place on the respective event days from 14.00 to 18.00. The district in Kleve points out that the existing security forces do not replace the guardian’s duty of supervision. For safety reasons, “Playing Without Borders” can not take place in bad weather. All activities are free for the kids.

You must provide your own drinks and snacks

Guests are responsible for providing drinks or a small snack. In all cities and municipalities, the areas are generously selected so that the children have enough space for a break. A total of 21 dates have now been set for the 16 venues. In Emmerich, for example, you can play to your heart’s on 5 and 6 July in the Rheinpark. On Wednesday 20 July, the district’s fun will be a guest in Rees on the Ebentalstraße sports field.

All further information is available on the website of the district Kleve: \ kinder-sommer. The district administrator’s office and the youth and family department are preparing two more activities for the “Children’s Summer in the Kleve district”.

Further action by the district in the planning

“Only so much can be revealed: one campaign is about ‘superheroes’ and the other is sporty,” said district administrator Silke Gorißen, looking forward to the coming weeks. The final preparations are currently being made for these summer formats. Specific information will be available soon.

>>> These are the other dates

You can play here: 28 and 29 June Kleve, the area of ​​the Marienschule; June 30 and July 1 Geldern, grassland elementary school; July 4 Weeze, sports grounds Uedemer Straße; July 7 and 8, pilgrimage town of Kevelaer, area at the municipal lunch meeting; July 11 Wachendonk, Friedensplatz; July 12 Kalkar, violence between the city’s windmill and sports field; July 13 and 14 Goch, Stadtpark; July 15 Straelen, school center; July 21 Uedem, the area around the Hohe Mühle; July 22 Rheurdt, Martinusskolen’s schoolyard; July 27, Issum, the schoolyard of the Facettenreich University College; July 28 Churches, sports ground Nieukerk; August 4 Kranenburg, St. Georg Grundskole Nütterden; August 5 Bedburg-Hau, the site of the former high school on Rosendaler Weg.

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