GODS Unchained has been released + 500% – Lucky Block is hot on the heels of 280% and those believed to be dead are living longer

Monday started with another recovery for GODS. The GODS token has been pumping since last week and the price has even increased by 500% in the meantime. The other winner is LBLOCK, the native symbol of the Lucky Block online lottery. But there was another winner who could make some people rub their eyes in amazement when it was Terra (LUNA).

It is a well-known fact that those who are thought to have died live longer

Luna managed to achieve a price gain of over 100% from Saturday to Sunday. So it almost seems as if investors are trusting that the crypto scene’s favorite child will recover. But the rejection is not really that surprising, as LUNA has managed to win around $ 0.0001 every day so far.

There is still a long way to go before we can return to the glory of our past. There are currently around 6.5 trillion Luna tokens in circulation. However, it would definitely take some coins to be burned to reach a price of $ 0.006 and a market value of $ 40 billion.

#BurnLuna trending on Twitter

Founder Do Kwon wrote an address about burning LUNA on Twitter on May 21st. However, this happened more under pressure from society, which had acknowledged the problem and demanded that the tokens be burned in order to regain more stability and thus compensate for at least part of the losses. However, Do Kwon does not believe in burning LUNA at all, which he also announced on Twitter. He continues to work towards the hard fork.

The LUNA course is now at 0.000169 euros and is therefore a world away from the previous heyday, when the course was still listed at 116 dollars. The hashtag #BurnLuna even ended up trending on Twitter at times.

Bullish gods really unleashed in GODS Unchained

In the past week, Gods Unchained and GODS Coin managed to jump by 500%. Goods are aimed at a price of 1 US dollar. This is still far from the high level in December 2021 of $ 8.82, but at least GODS managed to pump another 30% on Monday. The price has right now been adjusted to 0.8083 EUR.

Gods Unchained

More than a trading card game

GODS is the original symbol for the NFT trading card game Gods Unchained. All cards are NFTs that can be bought or sold in the in-game marketplace. At the same time, GODS is also the game’s control sign.

Lucky Block – Everyone is a winner

Lucky Block’s motto “Everyone’s a Winner” was the agenda this week – especially for LBLOCK, the crypto lottery’s original token. LBLOCK managed to pump 280% this week. On Thursday, LBLOCK was even one of the coins with the best price development. Even in the pre-sales phase, LBLOCK got off to a dream start and exploded by about 300%. But then came the profit taking and the course correction and the course was lubricated. The cryptocurrency also left its mark on the coin, though of course it did not hit LBLOCK as hard as Terra.

Everything on course – the next milestone is imminent

The fact that Lucky Block is currently on an upward trend may also be due to the fact that the implementation of the next milestone is imminent. At the end of May, specifically on May 31, the first draws were to start. The launch of WebApp is scheduled for May 30th.

It is now also possible to buy Lucky Block with Fiat money, ie classic currencies. Conversely, this means that the lottery winnings paid out in LBLOCK can now just as easily be exchanged for Fiat money.

Trend Games to earn and NFT

Both Lucky Block and GODS prove that Play to Earn or NFT-related coins in particular can be decoupled from the general trend. Since Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. was drawn into the downward spiral of Terra, other currencies such as GODS went on a bull run. Incidentally, Axie Infinity – another big player in the play to earn market – had it last year.

Ax Infinity

As recently as April, coins like APE and GMT performed better than the rest of the crypto market before price corrections due to panic selling followed, which also affected these two.

Play 2 Earn and NFT may be the next big thing, especially when it comes to Metaverse. The developers of Lucky Block have also acknowledged this. The development team is planning an entire game metavers around the crypto lottery, which will also include P2E games. A first step in this direction is the first NFT collection, Platinum Rollers Club, which is limited to a total of 10,000 pieces.

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