10 NFT projects you should know about

NFTs are on everyone’s lips and are no longer a hype product, but a serious business model that can be very lucrative, especially for artists. Here you will find the ten most exciting NFT projects from the EDM world that you should know about.

The chain smokers in the NFT world

The chain smokers.

For their new album “So Far So Good” they have The chain smokers something very special: They give 1% of their album shares away to their fans via the Royal platform. A total of 5000 tokens, each with 0.0002% of the album, will be delivered for free.

Anyone who grabs one of these tokens participates in the album’s streaming revenue and receives it regularly. You also get exclusive access to your own Discord channel. In addition, 3 exclusive VIP packages will be distributed among all token owners.

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Matteo Millerialso known as anyma and part of Story about us made together with Visual Director Alessio DeVecchi opportunity to participate in concert visuals. The two animated the robot Eva 0 and made a total of 12 visual clips from the individual body parts, which could be purchased on the Superrare platform.

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Don Diablo

For as much as $ 1.2 million, the Dutch future house pioneer sold an hour-long DJ set like NFT, which he recorded and produced specifically for this purpose. With NFT, the auctioneer’s highest bidder now received a USB stick with the show “Destination Hexagonia”, which is also the world’s first NFT concert.

The artist also exhibits his NFTs at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam along with works of art by Banksy and Andy Warhol out of.

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Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is known far beyond the EDM world, not only for its energetic shows, but above all for its innovative spirit. So it was no surprise that the 44-year-old jumped on the topic of NFT.

With his A0K1VERSE he created an exclusive club where members have advantages in the meta-verse, but also in the real world. For example, you get free access to shows, digital and physical collectibles, invitations to exclusive A0K1VERSE events and much more.

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With its Cosmic Genesis series in the autumn of 2021, the Swede published audiovisual works of art in collaboration with the OneOf platform, which is linked to the artist’s exclusive experiences and collectibles.

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The American was one of the first DJs to work with NFTs. At the beginning of the year, his platform Royal went online, allowing users to purchase portions of songs and earn a portion of the proceeds in return. This makes it easy and uncomplicated to invest in artists and their music. sizes as diploma, tritonal or NAS has already released songs here.

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When it comes to digital innovations Deadmau5 Mostly trendsetters, so the “Ghost’n’Stuff” producer has already released several NFT projects, including on the WAX ​​blockchain.

Here you can, among other things, buy the superstar’s digital trading card from $ 9.95.

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Dillon Francis

It shows that you can not only make a lot of money with NFTs but also do a lot of good Dillon Francis. The DJ auctioned off an audiovisual artwork for a good cause on the platform Zora. 100 trees were then planted in the name of the new owner.

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Parov Stelar

The Austrian electro swing pioneer, who also works as a painter, sold digital animations of his paintings in combination with exclusive sound recordings specially made for them as audiovisual works of art.

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Not only artists but also festivals are already using NFTs as technology. For example, you can buy lifetime access, photo books, art prints and collectibles for the Coachella Festival.

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