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Are you looking for top shares under 50 euros? Why not. With 1,000 euros you can buy 20 shares of Pi times thumb. Maybe a little more, depending on the price. This means that there is a good position, at least quantitatively. The share price is of course not decisive for the value of each individual share.

But back to the topic, here are two top stocks under $ 50. Both have solid return potential. Even though they may mean one or the other compromise.

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Top share under 50 euros: BASF

A first top share under 50 euros is currently BASF (WKN: BASF11). The share price is currently at a level of EUR 49.25. It meets the criterion, albeit barely. Of course, a few good trading days can change that.

In parts of the BASF stock, there is a mixed picture. Short-term investors see a DAX cyclical that relies on commodities. Energy policy uncertainty may necessitate production stoppages, which would be something of a worst-case scenario from the Ukraine conflict. There has also been a somewhat softer set of characters lately. Not a broken leg, but still a small strain.

The top stock under 50 euros has an interesting perspective despite the cyclical orientation and the possible construction sites. BASF is currently valued at around 8 times earnings. The dividend yield is also relatively high at over 6.8%. There is therefore great value in the DAX chemistry group. In the medium to long term, this can translate into a solid total return in more stable times.

Fielmann: Also meets the criterion

fell man (WKN: 577220) is another potential top stock below $ 50. The price criterion is also met at a share price of EUR 47.16. But it’s not about the price, it’s about the value of each individual Fielmann share.

Basically, the business as an optician is less cyclical and more defensive. It is a mix of consumer goods and medical visual aids that make the operational and strategic starting point even timeless and classic. At the current share price below 50 euros, the fundamental valuation is also more favorable. A price-earnings ratio of around 23 (without the corona effect) is not that cheap. But a price-to-cash ratio of just under 12 suggests a cheap valuation target.

I therefore perceive the Fielmann share as a timeless top share under 50 euros. There is also a dividend of over 3% right now, which may also be of interest to income investors. In any case, the fundamental valuation does not seem too expensive for its defensive class and the long-term growth potential. Visual aids, that is for sure, remain in demand in times of high screen usage.

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Vincent owns shares in BASF and Fielmann. The Motley Fool does not own any of the listed shares.

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