“Magic reading worlds” is a multi-week campaign for children

Gransee.For a month, the city of Gransee is transformed into “Magic Reading Worlds” for the kids. For almost four weeks, the girls and boys can look forward to anything that has little to do with real life and that they otherwise only know from books or movies.

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As early as next Monday, May 23, elementary school students will be in the mood for what awaits them in their building. Ghosts will be visible in the hallways and in the classrooms, and the school’s loudspeaker system will not play the usual voice, but one that may sound mysterious. The “Magic Reading Worlds” will then be announced, none of which will be a preliminary clash, for Christian Friedrich and Cally Stronk will follow up on the same day.

The association and the library arrange the Magic Reading World page

Christian Friedrich – at home in the film industry – inaugurates eight 5th and 6th grades in the secrets of film magic. At the same time, his wife, children’s book author Cally Stronk, will begin the second-year hunt for the magical detective case (it’s one of the many books she’s written). “We have tried to develop our offer according to age, so that children from all grade levels do not know everything,” says Irina Richter, head of Gransee Library and chairwoman of the association Stort for Lille.

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Both the association and the library are behind the magical world of reading – and many support it. The idea had existed before the Corona outbreak, but it lay in the drawer for two years. The campaign’s warnings can be seen in a shop window on Rudolf-Breitscheid-Strasse (opposite Haus Schlauer) since Thursday.

There, the lovingly designed decoration with Harry Potter books, works by co-authors and a poster by the cartoonist Charlotte Hofmann (Irina Richter: “We have it exclusively!”) Refer to the “Magical Reading Worlds”. And a delight to the eye is the chessboard on which there are only pieces that appear in the Harry Potter books or movies. “It’s on loan from the Gaeth family,” said Regine Bagemiel, executive director of the Big for Little Association.

Harry Potter fans will get something for their money

Tina Chemnitz has long been known by some of Granseer’s schoolchildren as a writer. She’s going to Gransee again on Children’s Day, Wednesday, June 1, and is showing the girls and boys in first grade a magical book show. The same day in the afternoon (14.00-15.30) all Harry Potter fans get something for their money, because everything revolves around the wizard’s apprentice, who has not lost his popularity over the next generation.

In the noise workshop on Thursday 9 June, the children can hear the acoustic effects in the magical worlds. Christian Neugebauer – this is not his first time in Gransee – will provide acoustic moments here. After his contribution, everyone will see how he himself can become a Foley; with simple things that everyone has at home or that are easy to get hold of.

Charlotte Hofmann shows how comic characters are created

The agency “Eventilator” presents a show about “The Little Witch” on June 13 for children in 3rd and 4th grade. As a professional reading promotion agency, “Eventilator” has offered reading, language and educational promotion events for children and young people since 1999 at Katja Tränkner takes girls and boys into the world of letters on 16 June. She is a calligrapher, has mastered the art of writing beautifully and wants to show what “creepy writing” can look like.

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The situation is similar on the same day with the “Magical Worlds” presented by cartoonist Charlotte Hofmann. Here the children will be able to observe how magical creatures are created on paper. From June 6 to 17, there will be a magic rally for children. You will be guided through Gransee and should at best find a treasure chest eventually. The grand finale of “Magic Reading Worlds” is June 17 with a festival in “Magic Garden”.

“The program is not finished yet. It lives on these weeks. Ideas are welcome. Maybe the children will discover new talents in the meantime,” says Regine Bagemiel, who also remembers the writing and painting competition. There are prizes to be won there. Irina Richter set off a reading tour through some Granseer day care centers during the four weeks, so that the younger children also get some of the program, which mainly takes place in the old fire station, school, after school and library.

By Stephen Blumberg

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