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Of: Michael Seeholzer


The new orphanage in Aßling was officially inaugurated on Saturday with a big party, which of course focused on the little ones. © Stefan Rossmann

Everyone had brought something to celebrate the day: The parents were in a good mood, the children had rehearsed acting, Mayor Hans Fent gave a short greeting and thanked the kindergarten management, and carpenter Georg Anderl brought the popular figure Timmy, a wooden figure.

Aßling – The inauguration ceremony on the occasion of the expansion of the house for children in Aßling on Saturday 21 May was as successful as the actual renovation with joy in the orphanage ”: The children themselves explained to the participants in the opening ceremony what they valued so much about their children’s home. “It was a little insight into our everyday lives,” teacher Theresa Hauser explained to visitors. Pastor Christoph Nobs then held a service where the children accompanied the prayer with a dance.

Reconstruction started under difficult conditions

The redevelopment measures to expand St. The Georg orphanage on Mitterweg 38 began under difficult conditions, namely “right on schedule with the start of the pandemic”, as Hans Fent remembered. He gave a special thank you to the kindergarten management, Angelika Fischer and her team, for their proven talent for improvisation. Fischer, on the other hand, thanked carpenter Georg Anderl, who and his team were practically the quiet ones during the remodeling phase of the three-group kindergarten built in wood.

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The mayor briefly outlined the development of the renovation measures. A feasibility study has already been carried out in 2016 for the creation of new care places at the existing site. In 2018, a working group was set up consisting of members of the municipal council, the kindergarten management, a planning office and the mayor himself. The result was cheap: “The addition of a floor with 438 square meters of floor space was the more economical alternative to a new building,” Fent reported. In addition: No additional building plots were used. The upper floor now houses three large group rooms for a total of 75 extra children. Each group also has an adjoining room. There was also space for two sanitary rooms, a study, as well as wardrobes, an additional staff room with kitchenette and a separate staff toilet. “It was also important for us to install a passenger elevator for barrier-free use of the building,” Fent said.

Aßling has invested more than two million euros

The municipality of Aßling has invested 2.1 million euros in the expansion. “Thank God we do not have to do it alone.” The mayor stated that 713,600 euros in subsidies have already been paid.

However, carpenter Georg Anderl from Gollenshausen confirmed to the municipality from his practice that they had “had a lucky hand in terms of spending money”. As a representative of all 13 companies involved in the redevelopment, Anderl praised the good cooperation with the municipality of Aßling, which contributed significantly to the success of the construction. Fent also expressed his special thanks to the Catholic parish. Through their willingness to temporarily accommodate a kindergarten group in the rectory for part of the conversion period, it was possible to “avoid a container solution”. After the official part, the manager of the orphanage led small groups through the new premises before everyone finally settled down at the covered beer benches in the garden. “The weather’s going on tonight, I’m sure,” Fent said, and was right.

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