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Fresh from the vending machine: the BVG ticket for 9 euros for the month of June. Gerd Engelsman

The Berliners are going for the 9 euro ticket, which has been on sale since Friday. “By midnight, almost 35,000 people had already bought a 9-euro ticket from BVG,” said BVG spokesman Jannes Schwentu. Nearly three-quarters used BVG apps for this.

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The start of sales was originally scheduled for Saturday, but BVG had brought it forward following the Federal Council’s decision. The 35,000 tickets on Friday were purchased within just twelve hours. The transport companies have not yet given figures for Saturday. The S-Bahn also provided no information.

According to Schwentu, BVG also expects high demand for the weekend and the days and weeks after. The ticket is valid from 1 June. According to BVG, tickets for July and August have already been purchased. “As expected, the 9-euro ticket for June has been the most common.”

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At the start of the sale, BVG once again pointed out that subscription customers do not need an extra ticket of 9 euros. At BVG alone, this affects around 870,000 passengers. With them, the subscription is automatically valid throughout Germany for the next three months outside their own tariff range as a 9-euro ticket. “Customers do not have to do anything and get the difference refunded or less money is charged.”

The “9 Euro Ticket” option is offered for sale on the display of a BVG machine. dpa / Nowakowska

If you get the ticket from the BVG machine, one thing is immediately clear: There is a line on the paper ticket where the passenger’s first and last name must be entered. Reason: The 9 euro ticket is personal and non-transferable. In order for nothing to go wrong, we explain the most important details here again.

What is the duration of the campaign and when does it start?

The campaign runs from June 1 to August 31. For three months: June, July, August. The ticket costs 9 euros a month.

How long is the ticket valid?

Always valid from the first day of the printed calendar month 00:00 to the last day of the printed calendar month 23:59. This is especially important if you are traveling at night exactly at the turn of the month. If you get up before midnight and get off after midnight, you will need the 9 euro ticket for both months.

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Where can you buy the ticket for 9 euros?

Via the corresponding apps from VBB, BVG and S-Bahn, at ticket machines, in customer centers and travel markets. Important: It is not possible to buy it on BVG bus or tram.

Where is the 9 euro ticket valid?

For local transport throughout Germany. To all subways, suburban trains, trams, buses and some ferries, such as in Berlin. It is also valid on regional trains, but not on long-distance Deutsche Bahn trains (eg InterCity, ICE, EC) or other railway / long-distance bus operators such as Flixtrain or Flixbus.

I forgot my ticket for 9 euros and have to pay a fine.

The increased fare is reduced to 7 euros if you can prove to the carrier’s administration within one week of the date of the decision that you were the owner of a 9 euro ticket at the time of travel.

Is the 9 euro ticket also available on a flexible basis?

No, it can e.g. not purchased in the period July 13 to August 12. The ticket is only available for exactly one calendar month.

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Is the 9 euro ticket personal?

Yes, this only applies if the passenger’s first and last name are entered. It is non-transferable. An ID document must also be brought. As a mobile phone ticket, the 9-euro ticket is also personal, so it is no longer necessary to enter your name afterwards.

Can children also travel with the 9 euro ticket?

Children under 6 drive for free. Children from 6 years pay like all other users nine euros per. calendar month. There is no extra child ticket as part of this special offer.

Can I bring my partner, children, dog or bicycle with the 9-euro ticket?

The 9 euro ticket is only valid for the person to whom it is issued. Children under six, stroller and luggage can be brought free of charge. Additional persons, dogs or bicycles must be paid extra.

What do I have to do as a subscriber if I want to use the 9 euro monthly ticket?

Nothing. Direct debit for monthly payment is reduced for three months with eg BVG, or as a subscriber with annual payment you get a credit. The crediting is done according to the respective transport company’s settlement options.

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My subscription includes passenger / bicycle transport. Does this now also apply throughout Germany?

No, the take-aong rules do not apply nationwide, but only within the geographical scope of the subscription (eg Berlin ABC).

How do holders of the free study ticket Berlin benefit from the campaign?

Holders of the free study ticket Berlin AB can also use it to travel for free throughout Germany in June, July and August 2022. However: The Transport Ordinance (bicycle carriage) is still limited to Berlin AB.

Are student tickets also valid in the state of Brandenburg during the promotion period?

The following principle applies: If the student ticket is valid, it can be used for travel by public transport throughout Germany. There are student tickets that are not valid during the school summer holidays in the states of Berlin and Brandenburg (July 7 to August 20, 2022). The purchase of the 9-euro ticket is required here.

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