Premier League | Title match: Man City vs Liverpool – English rivalry beyond football

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For a long time, Manchester City and Liverpool FC were connected by their arch-enemy Manchester United. City and Liverpool are now even bitter rivals. It’s not just because of the battle for the English Football Championship.

By Hendrik Buchheister (Manchester)

Manchester City and Liverpool decide the English championship in a long-distance duel on Sunday. Before that, Steven Craven talks about Eintracht Frankfurt. He was impressed, he says, at how Bundesliga fans have made the Europa League their dream competition and how much it obviously means to them to beat Rangers in the final.

Man City fan: ‘Would have been like that before we got rich’

“It would have been like that for us before we got rich,” Craven says. The 48-year-old has been a Manchester City fan since childhood. Like Frankfurt, his club has long stood up for mediocrity and chaos off the field.

In 2008, Sheikh Mansour took over the club from the harsh east of Manchester and pumped it up to a football superpower with its millions. “For a long time, perhaps our biggest dream was to reach the League Cup final at some point. And now we play at Wembley two or three times a year, ”says Craven.

Manchester City fans during the FA Cup semi-final match against Liverpool

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Liverpool FC defeats Man City in FA Cup

The last time this happened was a little over a month ago, in the FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool. Jürgen Klopp’s team won 3-2 and wins the traditional trophy by beating Chelsea on a penalty kick in the final.

Liverpool also won the League Cup. Real Madrid are waiting for the final of the Champions League next week on Saturday.

Before then, Liverpool can claim their second Premier League title in the Klopp era if they win their home game against Wolverhampton Wanderers and lose Manchester City points against Aston Villa.

If City win, Pep Guardiola’s team will celebrate their fourth title in five years – and a sweet victory over their new arch-rival.

Formerly together against Manchester United

Manchester City and Liverpool have long had one thing in common, namely their aversion to Manchester United. But since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, United have lost importance in the sport.

But a new rivalry has established itself between City and Liverpool. The resentment may not be as great as it still is between Liverpool and United or was between United and Arsenal at the turn of the millennium. Despite this, City fan Steven Craven uses the word ‘hate’ when talking about Liverpool.

Man City Vs. Liverpool – only superficially a sporting rivalry

Superficially, the bad climate has sporting reasons. Guardiola and Klopp have formed two of the biggest teams the football world has ever seen. To put it bluntly, Manchester City and Liverpool have been fighting for the Premier League title for four years.

The duel between “Reds” and “Skyblues” has driven both clubs to top performances for years. This automatically creates tension.

Cities in the Northwest – historical reluctance

The relationship between Guardiola and Klopp is characterized by respect and cordiality, but this does not apply to the clubs, and there are also reasons that go beyond the sporting side. Manchester and Liverpool, the metropolises of the English North West, share a centuries-old rivalry.

Liverpool FC fans during the FA Cup final


“Mancs” and “Scousers,” as the townspeople call themselves, do not come out well. It’s the same with fans from both clubs. City fans are annoyed that Liverpool are presenting themselves as the goalkeeper for the good in football, whose success counts more.

In the city camp, as a nouveau riche member of the football elite, there is a belief that the old establishment to which Liverpool belongs will not be taken seriously. Guardiola recently even put forward the strange thesis that the whole of England would want Liverpool to win the championship.

However, that does not mean that Liverpool are the favorites of the English public. Like FC Bayern in Germany, the former record champions Liverpool polarize the audience in England.

Premier League final: new chapter in rivalry

The next chapter in the new rivalry will be written at the Premier League final on Sunday. League leaders City are the clear favorites in the match against Aston Villa for a victory that would be enough for the championship.

Still, City fan Steven Craven is nervous. He remembers the time before Sheikh Mansour, where what could go wrong, according to him, often went wrong for the club. “It’s still in our DNA,” he says. Regardless of the outcome of the long-distance duel for the championship – the relationship between Manchester City and Liverpool will hardly get better on Sunday.

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