Can cloud platforms be built turnkey?

Service Provider Summit 2022 Can cloud platforms be built turnkey?

“From the requirements through the design to the finished solution, you can have it in less than six weeks” – at Service Provider Summit 2022, Yves Sandfort, CEO comdivision, will present the structure of a cloud platform for cloud providers in a keynote.

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At SERVICE PROVIDER Summit 2022, Yves Sandfort, CEO comdivision, will present the structure of a cloud platform for cloud providers in a keynote.

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The service provider community will meet on 2 and 3 June at the Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch for SERVICE PROVIDER Summit 2022. On the first day of the event, Yves Sandfort, CEO comdivision, from 16:30 – 16:55 Demonstrates how a turnkey cloud platform can be built for cloud providers. He should know this, because his company specializes in creating complete solutions with easier migration to, for example, VMware Cloud on AWS. Comdivision assists from analysis through the proof-of-concept phase to migration and provides managed services. Of course, safety must not be neglected – comdivision offers safety advice accordingly.

As an experienced architect, Sandfort knows that technology is not everything – supply and operation of all things have a very special role for him. But what does a platform do for cloud providers? What else should be considered in relation to a platform for “simple” companies? “The difference is marked,” Sandfort explains. While ‘multi-client capability’ is often a ‘nice-to-have’ in companies, it is essential in the service or cloud provider environment. The demarcation between customers is mandatory. It must be ensured with appropriate security technologies in such a way that it can also withstand an audit. ”

“The service provider runs an apartment building”

There are also complex issues such as billing or operations with complex maintenance windows. “For over 20 years, we’re often enough seen which service or cloud providers are failing,” Sandfort reports to CloudComputing-Insider. “Often a design was missing for this particular company. You can compare it to a hotel or an apartment building: In a hotel, the rooms are only protected from each other in a ‘rudimentary’ way, you share more of the infrastructure. This is closer to ‘enterprise use’. The service provider operates more of an apartment building, or even quite a lot, with very different tenants with the most diverse requirements. “

Yves Sandfort, CEO of comdivision
Yves Sandfort, CEO of comdivision

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Sandfort promises to go from design requirements to a complete solution in less than six weeks. “But it requires good hand-in-hand work with the provider and a strong will from everyone involved to implement this,” says the CEO. “While the design is still being worked on, basic installations and preparations for knowledge transfer are already underway. The core design is completed after two to three weeks, and the installation can start after about 1.5 weeks. ” This takes another two to three weeks, followed by another two weeks for commissioning and basic training. ”

Service Provider Summit 2022

Service Provider Summit 2022
“Service Provider Summit 2022”

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Of “Service Provider Summit 2022Takes place on 2 and 3 June at the Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch. There are numerous topics; because the market for service providers has reorganized with the exorbitant growth of hyperscales.
At Service Provider Summit 2022, the community meets to take a look at the business’s future and discuss new business models, customer and technology trends.

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Sandfort’s special focus – even if it’s even an experienced administrator – is not just on technology. Of all things, supply and operation are especially important to him. “It’s just not enough to offer a state-of-the-art as-a-service platform,” Sandfort says. “It’s also about how I pack them, what is my USP, why my offer vs. HyperScaler and competition? ” Most providers would not start from scratch, according to the cloud expert. “Consequently, there are existing operational ‘best practice’ approaches, these must be tested in relation to the new environment and in many cases adapted.” This also includes good training, but above all it is tailored to the solution. »Producer education often does not fit. I say that even though and precisely because my team developed many of them themselves. ”

About the speaker

With more than 30 years of experience, Sandfort continues to ask its customers difficult questions to bring IT closer to the company’s needs. Such questions would be:

  • What real added value does the IT company add?
  • How can IT actively contribute to the company’s growth?
  • Does IT meet modern security and recovery requirements?

Sandfort takes the position that IT in the company should not become a goal in itself. On the other hand, it can and must actively contribute to the company’s success by actively increasing sales and actively reducing costs. In the beginning, however, there is always the development of an IT strategy that is geared to the company’s goals, lives up to the business requirements and contributes to the overall result.

The easiest way to solve the challenge is with a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. “It doesn’t matter if these clouds are in our own or someone else’s data center, rented or purchased,” Sandfort says. He knows them all: “My certification as a VMware Certified Design Expert – one of less than 300 worldwide – as well as other certifications from VMware such as VCIX, VCAP, VCP, from AWS as Cloud Practioner and Solution Architect or from Microsoft and Cisco helps me with this to support companies independently, ”says Sandfort.

Despite the dominance of global cloud providers, the demand for the services of medium-sized service providers remains high.  It may even have grown.

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