Boy (4) dies in Italy


by Marisa Caligiuri

Dramatic scenes took place in the garden of the kindergarten “Pile – Primo Maggio” in L’Aquila in Rome last Wednesday afternoon. The children were playing peacefully on the grounds of the daycare center when a car suddenly drove into the garden of the facility. The VW Passat caught six children. A four-year-old boy died and five were seriously injured. The father of the four-year-old victim shouted in desperation, “Where is Tommaso? Where is our child?”

Teacher in an interview: “Small children were trapped under the car’s tires”

A car crashed into the garden of a day care center in Rome, killing a four-year-old boy.

© Vigili del Fuoco

It was almost 2.30pm when a car out of nowhere – without a driver at the wheel – drove into the garden of a day care center in Rome. All the children in the facility were outside at the time and playing. The fences could not withstand the impact, reports the Italian news agency “Ansa”. And then the VW Passat hit six small children uncontrollably.

With tears in his eyes, a teacher told Italian magazine “La Repubblica”: “I will never forget what I experienced that day. I saw the small children trapped under the car’s tires.”

Interview with father of a daycare child: “It was like war”

The four-year-old's father is said to have screamed in desperation:

A parked car rolled by itself and drove into the garden of a daycare center: Tommaso (4) died in the collision.

© Maria Rosaria A. Ceglia

Parents and educators present immediately tried to free the children from under the car to provide first aid. A father of a child told “Ansa” that he wanted to pick up his child and at first did not know what had happened: “It was like in the war. I arrived and I heard children screaming, so adults cried bitterly in the street. The sirens howled , and there were paramedics and police everywhere. “

Then a total of six seriously injured children were driven out on stretchers. One child was particularly badly injured – four-year-old Tommaso. Tragically, the little boy died as a result of the impact despite attempts to revive him. According to “Il Giorno”, the other five children are no longer in danger of death, but are still being treated in various hospitals due to their injuries.

The boy’s father wanted to pick up his son from the daycare and asked, “Where’s Tommaso?”

Investigators are now investigating why the car started rolling by itself.

Was the handbrake not applied on the steep hill?


Patrizio D’Agostino probably lives just a few meters from his son’s daycare. As the Italian news portal “Leggo” reports, the father stormed the day care center when he heard the many police sirens. According to the report, he shouted in despair: “Where is Tommaso? Where is our child?” He reportedly called for his four-year-old son, but no one answered.

The little daycare boy fell under a tire on the car after the collision and was crushed. Tommaso’s aunt, Giusi Fonzi, said painfully in an interview with “Leggo”: “He was so sensitive, so empathetic. Such a small, unique creature. He was my great love.”

At the request of RTL, the spokesman for the mayor of L’Aquila, Giorgio Alessandri, said: “Today is a day of mourning in L’Aquila. We are all deeply touched by this terrible tragedy. Our hearts are broken. Our place did not deserve it, L ‘ Aquila’s children did not deserve it and especially not Tommaso. ” The mayor himself, Pierluigi Biondi, wrote on Facebook: “My heart as a father and mayor is torn. When a child stops playing, hope breaks.”

Investigators are investigating why the parked car started rolling – was the parking brake not applied?

It is not yet clear how this tragedy could have happened. The driver told that she parked her car on the steep hill where the daycare was located. As the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” reports, the 38-year-old woman must have applied the handbrake: “I always do this automatically. I’m sure it was on,” the mother must have told police.

The Bulgarian-born is now being investigated for murder on the road. Her 12-year-old son was still sitting in the car while she wanted to pick up her twins in day care. Now it is being checked whether the VW Passat had a technical fault or whether her son might have released the handbrake.

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