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The business model of the German-Canadian information provider Coin analyst includes, among others, the fee-based “Crypto Market Letter”, first published in April 2020 and investors since then useful background information on that crypto market general and concrete cryptocurrencies in particular delivers.

“Press” for high quality information source

Monthly (at the end of the month) The letter that is published is primarily aimed at investors with a medium to long investment horizon. and fewer to very speculative day traders. “Crypto Market Letter” analyzes in detail all cryptocurrencies that were included in the sample portfolio when it was first issued in April 2020 and currently the following seven coins contains: 38.1 percent Ethereum, 28.7 percentage binance, 16.3 percent bitcoin, 5.6 percent ripple, 4.1 Percent basic attention token, 4.1 percent Monero and 3.1 percentage chain link (Status: May 2022). that Components in the portfolio became back then selected so that they each represent a specific segment of the crypto market such as e.g. stock of value, digital currency, DeFiSmart contractsPrivacy coins etc. represent. If necessary this composition otherwise Anytime be changed.

A team of editors and trade experts focusest himself in the letter primarily on it macroeconomic and political analysis relatively importantright cryptocurrencieswhich meet certain minimum market value criteria, trade sales and price stability fulfill. Thereby among other against the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) applications in the internal softwaregrip. The knowledge gained from this and comments also suitable for beginners to Advanced as a basis for decision making crypto investmentsomend specific buying recommendations for certain cryptocurrencies including active Management (statement of boundaries or stop-loss marks) not pronounced. Month after month, subscribers are informed about the most important developments in the seven portfolioscoins informed and thereby gradually strengthened their expertise and know-how on cryptocurrencies.

“Coin of month ”of particular interest

A particularly useful feature of the information letter puts for investors the one in each issue publishedcoin of that monthThis highlighted and generally lesser known copies does not appear in our sample depot and action in the crypto letters primarily as a suggestion-oneG for a possible investment. Since the first edition about two years ago having overall seven digital currencies Value increases in the three-digit percentage range obtained. Thats it to the following coins of tHi month: NEXO (877 percent since 08/20 August), chili (850 percent since 21/02), Cardano (617 percent since 20/09), Maker (184 percent since 20/11), Solana (177 percent since 21/07), Avalanche (156 percent since 03/21) and Stellar (137 percent since 06/20).

To some of to date highlightedn coins currently having posted losses is natural relative risky asset classes and is very volatile crypto markets basically can not be avoided. The three worst performing digital coins are Moreover to phantom coin (-70 percent ago 11/ 21), den VeChain (-75 percent ago 21/05) as well pangolin (-93 percent since 21/09). Due to the general market weakness in crypto sector dominate icoins of that month” Recently currently (still) the negative signs. Die most coinswhich has already exceeded the minimum holding period of 12 months prescribed by the law on tax-free speculative gains, move however clearly in Profitzonese.

This is what the fee model looks like

The monthly subscription fees range from 124.90 Euro for a month, about 114.49 Euro (total: 343.48 Euro) for a 3 month subscription up to there to 104.08 Euro (total: 1,249 Euro) for an annual subscription. You can pay for the desired reference period via credit card, bank transfer or via the crypto service provider “Coin payments“. To to accept general terms and conditions (including disclaimer) and after registeredn Upon receipt of payment, users have access to the web-based information in the “Crypto Market Letter”.

In addition to this business area’s sales and profit contribution for the whole company advantage Coin analyst Besides from it itself In the past numerous subscribers of the Crypto Market Letter also to the internal crypto platform respectively. that Application “Copy Trading” decided and this so-called “Cross sale” is valid from an economic point of view in any business as an extremely positive and desirable side effect.

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Conflicts of interest: Med Coin analyst IR and PR contract has been paid. The content of the services must, among other things, increase awareness of the company. dr Reuter Investor Relations therefore acts in connection with the creation and distribution of the article Coin analyst Inc. It is an editorial advertising presentation.

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