About 300 school-age children from Ukraine in GL

The number of refugees from Ukraine in Bergisch Gladbach is rising only slowly, but many are preparing for a longer stay. Just over a quarter of them are children who need a place in school. The bureaucratic processes have settled down a bit, but now there is a change within the social system – the municipality therefore appeals to those affected to report to the aliens office and the job center.

The city administration presented the latest figures to the Social Affairs Committee on Thursday night: 1,120 displaced people from Ukraine currently live in Bergisch Gladbach, 379 of them in municipal housing, of which 741 are privately housed.

708 of the refugees are adults, 547 women and 161 men.

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412, however, are under 17 years of age, and of these, about 300 are thought to be of school age. In the age group 0 to 6 years, the city registered 114 people, between 7 and 12 there are 161 children and between 13 and 17 years another 137. So many children and young people who are cared for in already crowded schools and day care centers Must stay.

Pragmatic solutions for school children in demand

Brigitta Opiela (CDU), who is heavily involved in caring for the refugees in Refrath, reported to the committee that many of the people from Ukraine want to stay in Germany; Many of the children do not yet have a school place, so pragmatic solutions must be found quickly.

The city has not provided any information on the number of young Ukrainians already going to school; the district administration’s municipal integration center is formally responsible for this.

New bureaucratic action

The registration of refugees in the city’s social system is now going well after initial problems, the administration said. The payment of benefits under the Asylum Act is currently being shifted from checks to bank transfers.

However, there is a new major bureaucratic action on 1 June: the social benefits will then be processed via the job center or via the basic security system. This requires new applications.

The city administration has for some time promoted that Ukrainians should first get a (temporary) residence permit from the immigration office (from the district administration) and then report to the job center – so far, however, without the great response. Although the immigration office works through and also offers appointments on the weekends.

According to the municipality, the new registration has benefits for everyone: the benefits are higher, access to the health system is easier – and the city’s coffers are also facilitated.

How and where people from Ukraine should register is explained in detail in this article. Here are the key points again:

How do I apply to the job center?

Applications for services at the job center (SGB II) can be submitted online: https://kontaktcenter.jobcenter-rhein-berg.de/kontaktcenter/ukraine. The forms are available in the local language.

The above internet pages can be downloaded in the following order via the browser: www.jobcenter-rhein-berg.de -> Digital offers -> Contact center -> Ukraine -> Select concerns.

Where can I get a residence permit?

Refugees who do not yet have a Fictional Certificate must contact the immigration authorities in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district as soon as possible. The Rhein-Berg job center will be on site by this agreement and will offer to accept the application for SGB II benefits at the same time.

Those affected will be actively contacted. Anyone who gets an agreement must absolutely abide by it, the municipality appealed. If you have not received an appointment, you can contact the immigration office directly by e-mail: auslaenderbehoerde@rbk-online.de

How do I apply for basic security?

People over the age of 65 who have fled Ukraine will receive basic security money (SGB XII) from the city administration from 1 June. The precondition here is that they have a (provisional) residence permit. However, the application for basic security can also be made even if you do not yet have a residence permit. At the social office, entrance C, An der Gohrsmühle 18.

The town of Bergisch Gladbach has gathered a lot of additional information on this website where you can also find contacts.

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