A thousand children are involved in the Krefeld Urban Culture Festival on 18 June

“Culture finds the city” on June 18 in Krefeld
Thousands of children shape the urban culture festival

At “Culture finds the city” on Saturday 18 June, the focus is on children – as active participants and as the audience. Krefeld celebrates the culture from noon to late evening, also with many offers for young people and adults.

For two years, many events and with them “Culture finds the city” were canceled and people missed art and culture. At least that is the belief of Claire Neidhardt, head of city marketing, and her colleagues. Therefore, it was especially important for them again this year to attract many people from Krefeld to the city center. “Our message: the culture is happening again in the city,” she says with a smile.

Artists, especially from the music school, will provide entertainment on various stages on Saturday 18 June. “This day we will perform on the stages from noon to late in the evening. We deliberately chose Rathausplatz for the main stage. We want to activate this for the culture and the city, ”says Neidhardt. This year, however, there is another topic at the center: children.

“We have a total of 1,000 children in different characteristics on the streets that day. It is a new record, «says the deputy headmaster at the music school in Krefeld, Roman Marreck. Together with his fellow proponents, he put together a colorful stage program ranging from classical and chanson to jazz and rock. “People have a feeling of hunger for music. It affects the children and young people who study with us, but also potential visitors, ”he says. The Corona period was difficult for the music school.

“We practiced a lot during that time, as far as we could. For example, string players still wear masks here. Little by little we always gathered as many people as possible. Now we want to show that this work has paid off, ”adds school principal Ralph Schürmanns.

But children do not only play a role as musicians. The fourth organizer of the group, Joachim Watzlawik, is responsible for this. The coordinator of “Krefeld for Børn” primarily wants to use the event to position itself as best as possible for the future. “For many children, participating in a circus project at school is a very special experience. But many schools in less affluent areas cannot afford these expensive projects, so children never feel like they are in the spotlight and enjoying the applause. Therefore, we will buy a circus tent, which will be transferred to a fund and made available to the schools for such projects. We collect donations for that, ”says Watzlawik.

There will not only be a stage at Von-der-Leyen-Platz. One will also be set up in front of the “Mamas” restaurant in the Behnisch-Haus, which will primarily be dedicated to the badoneon. Jazz is played in the afternoon in front of the jazz cellar and in the Menonitenkirche there is an indoor performance at the Kresch Theater with musicians from the music school. The historical personalities Astrid Lindgren, Sophie Scholl and Elisabeth I. from the program “Historical women” appear and their stories are presented. Schools can also book this program for a performance. The art initiative AKKU will be represented on Dionysiusplatz, and there will be a singer-songwriter scene on the square by the Old Church. “

It is important for us not to displace the outdoor gastronomy that has now emerged in Krefeld, but to supplement it, “says Neidhardt. Culture finds that the city should attract many people to the city this weekend. In addition to music, other art must also be allowed to present itself. For example, there are easels of Krefeld artists on Königstrasse.

At the same time, there will also be an event of Music Made in Krefeld in the Stadttheateret. Nine bands and musicians present themselves in the great hall and glass foyer.

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