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Warren Buffett shares in uncertain times? Investors who want to be on the safe side can just trust it Berkshire Hathaway But if you do not want to, you can also make other investments, which are in the portfolio of Oracle of Omaha.

For the uncertain times right now, I tend to Apple (WKN: 865985) or store capital (WKN: A12CRU) to set. Both have what it takes to avoid the war in Ukraine, inflation and rising interest rates. And also investors who are betting on these stocks.

Warren Buffett Stock Apple: A Great Bet!

Warren Buffett continues to invest over $ 130 billion in Apple shares. Whereby this statement lags. Oracle of Omaha itself has since multiplied its efforts. But not selling is a good indicator that he is familiar with his position. He even bought some more in the dip

What’s the magic of the Waffen Buffett Stock Apple? First: The strong ecosystem of such good, everyday tech products that the star investor classifies them as consumer stocks. In times of inflation, management can also screw up prices. The products are still associated with high margins and expensive prices. Minor increases are not necessarily noticeable, or consumers are willing to pay for them anyway.

There is also a dip in Warren Buffett shares at the moment. With a stock price of $ 139.89 and earnings per share in 2021 of $ 5.67, the price-to-earnings ratio is back at 24.5 right now. This can be a valuation target that provides attractive returns overall and in the long run.

Store capital: Strong dividends, growth and more

Store Capital is another Warren Buffett stock that I find relevant for the uncertain times. First of all: the Ukraine conflict leaves no trace. The portfolio is not located in Russia or Ukraine, but in the United States. Property is also a storehouse of value. But that’s not all here either: dividends, growth and overall valuation are also attractive at the moment.

Warren Buffett shares have yielded over 5.6% at the current stock price of $ 26.59. The price-FFO ratio is also relatively moderate at around 12. This in turn can mean a good overall return.

According to the previous forecast, the management of Store Capital also expects a moderate growth in funds from operations. That, in turn, is why this Warren Buffett stock can provide a solid balance in times of inflation and war. At least in the long run.

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