Überlingen: Large choir meeting: Children and young people meet in Überlingen to sing together

After the four-year Pueri Cantores meeting in Freiburg’s Archdiocese had to be postponed twice, the choirs will meet in Überlingen next weekend. 550 children and young people from all over the diocese will sing together for God’s price, meetings in friendship and commitment to peace, says organizer and Münsterkantor Melanie Jäger-Waldau. To that end, a stage will be set up at the landing site where the choirs will play music throughout Friday afternoon. On Saturday, there will be a closing service in the parish of Saint Nicholas with auxiliary bishop Peter Birkhofer.

Planning was a challenge

“Planning the event was an exciting task,” says Jäger-Waldau, laughing. The Archdiocese has asked her several times because Münster in Überlingen is predestined for such a meeting. When the state garden show was announced in Überlingen, the cantor saw it as the ideal opportunity to hold the concerts on stage lined up by the lake. However, the meeting had to be canceled two years in a row due to the pandemic. The question of where to set up a stage in front, where there is also room for many spectators, proved to be a challenge this year. “It will probably be crowded at the landing site,” says Jäger-Waldau. But it certainly creates a very special atmosphere.

“Brilliant” is the vocal power of the choirs when they sing together, says Münsterkantor Melanie Jäger-Waldau, referring to the closing service on Saturday in Überlinger Münster. | Photo: Melanie Jäger-Waldau

Choir spends the night in Realschule

The approximately 380 children and young people who need a place to sleep in Überlingen are accommodated in the Realschule and eat in the Kursaal on two shifts. Bad-Hotel takes care of the catering. “The collaboration between us, Kursaal and catering was very short-lived, but I am grateful that everything went so well,” says Münsterkantor. The Überlingen fire brigade will make their premises available for breakfast.

The highlight of the choirs is the prayer for peace

“The highlight for children and young people will definitely be the prayer for peace on the lake, which is not open to spectators,” says Jäger-Waldau. In two groups, the singers will take the ferry from the landing site out on the lake and together pray for peace. Pastor Heinz Vogel, who leads the prayer, finds the following words: “Who would have thought that the subject of peace would still be so topical.”

Schedule for public events:

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