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Not far away: The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is increasingly becoming a grotesque one that can certainly accompany Tim Burton’s film “Edward Scissorhands” (1990), in which Depp starred. © Mary Evans AF Archive 20th Century Fox 12571902 Allstar / imago

The legal battle over Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in the United States brings new details about the star actors to light every day. The Fairfax trial, however, is beginning to look like a bizarre Hollywood movie.

Fairfax – Heard versus Depp, that also means Amber versus Johnny. Both are in the forefront of international film greats and are considered top actors. But the people behind the picture are gradually being exposed by the lawsuit in Virginia, USA. After a week-long pause in the hearings, the resumption of the trial, which is due to go to trial on May 27, again brought some questionable details about the two exes’ previous marriage and even convicted Amber Heard of alleged perjury. However, the further development of the lawsuit seems to reach a level of peculiarity that makes the events appear downright bizarre.

Heard versus Depp: Discussion of heaps in the marriage bed – feces of animal or human origin?

On her 30th birthday, according to Amber Heard in the trial published by the American tabloid newspaper’s online portal tmz streamed live, there was a violent altercation between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp. That same evening, a pile of feces appeared on Depp’s side in the common double bed. So far, everyone involved agrees. Who was responsible for the excrement, however, divides the plaintiffs. While Heard insisted that it be left behind by her dog Boo, Depp told his ex-wife that she, or one of Heard’s guests, had deliberately relieved herself on the sleeping side of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.

“It’s Teacup Yorkies,” she quotes New York Post the actor, who had already commented on the case during the trial. “They weigh about four pounds each.” While Heard claims that Boo has been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for life since eating Depp’s marijuana as a puppy, her ex-husband is sure the dog was not the culprit in causing the ugly surprise the marriage bed was. “I lived with these dogs. I picked up her feces. That,” Depp said of that herd, “was not the dogs.” When asked about the incident, however, Heard was ready. “I had just been attacked on my 30th birthday by my abusive husband, whom I was desperately in love with,” the Aquaman actress said. “It was not really a happy time, and I do not think it’s fun, period. It’s disgusting.”

Heard and Depp: Who beat who? Tape recordings reveal the password ‘sofa’ in court

“Yes, ‘sofa’ is a word we have chosen as a safe word,” he translates star hear Prior to this court statement, there was playback of a tape recording that reproduced a dispute between the couple. Those involved in the trial seemed visibly in doubt as to whether they had understood the “couch,” repeatedly stated by Heard. But the actress explained that it was a code word that the couple put as part of their marriage: “It was like, ‘I do not want to fight anymore, you have won, let’s stop fighting’.” The trial, meanwhile, has probably proven that the Hollywood stars’ quarrels were so frequent that a password was worth it.

Another question, however, is to what extent it was only a matter of preventing verbal abuse. Both ex-partners still vehemently deny having harmed the other physically, but emphatically accuse each other of it. In recent weeks, Heard has expressed how hard hitting any other person would be contrary to their moral value system. But another audio recording now confirmed that the 36-year-old, contrary to what she said, “had to many times [ihren] Use your body ”to defend yourself against Depp, but never acted violently at first, and certainly started a physical altercation. Heard stressed how AFP reports, however, that it was not a beating. “Everything is fine with you. I did not hurt you,” she is heard saying on the tape, “You are such a baby.”

Depp and Heard: Reads confused chats from former partners – star relationships seem more and more peculiar

A hate-love relationship, this is how the relationship between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp can be called, considering the details revealed so far in the process. On the one hand, both repeatedly emphasized during the litigation that they were in love with each other, but quarrels, humiliation, and a bizarre relationship to violence seem to have marked their marriage. “I never knew what version of Johnny I was dealing with,” he quotes star the actress: “His alcohol and drug use dictated his behavior.” Even as part of the wedding, Depp reportedly made cocaine with Heard’s father. Heard wants a broken nose, which her ex-husband is said to have caused her Phase according to simply having made up, Depp is said on the honeymoon to have strangled her so hard that she feared for her life.

Nevertheless, chat messages between the two Hollywood stars have now been published in Fairfax court, suggesting that some propensity for physical abuse was part of their relationship. “Who was the real monster in this relationship?” asked Depp’s lawyer after the reading. “It lives in Johnny,” Heard replied. “Half Johnny. That’s not all, Johnny. The other half is wonderful and handsome and the man I love.” Whether the relationship that connects Heard and Depp is healthy is left to personal judgment – but it’s ready for Hollywood all the time. (askl)

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