Lady Diana: death, marriage, parents and children – that was the princess

Since her death, she has been called “The Princess of the People“- the princess of the people. Princess Diana was one of the most popular faces of the royal family in his short life. And since her tragic Death In 1997, it became almost even more popular.

Life of Lady Tue but was fraught with controversy. She broke the rules of the British royal family and turned everything upside down. So who was Lady Diana Spencer, which still fascinates the public today? Here is an overview of the most important aspects of the princess’ life and death.

Marriage, death, children and husband – Lady Di in profile

The most important facts about Lady Diana in a moment:

  • Last name: Diana Frances Spencer
  • noble title: Diana, Princess of Wales
  • date of birth: July 1, 1961
  • Date of death: 31 August 1997
  • age: 36
  • Place of birth: Sandringham, England
  • Before: Prince Charles (divorced 1996)
  • children: Prince William and Prince Harry
  • grandchildren: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet
  • parents: Edward John Spencer and Frances Roche
  • Siblings: Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Jane Cynthia Spencer, John Spencer (Death After Birth), Charles Spencer

Lady Diana and Prince Charles: The Wedding and the Marriage

Diana Spencer grew up in a noble family. Her Sheepthe Earl of Sunderland and their mother had really longed for a son and heir when Diana was born. When Diana, the couple’s third daughter, was born, they had not even prepared a name for a girl – and therefore Diana went nameless for a week.

Diana grew up surrounded by nobility and the British royal family. However, her parents were divorced in their childhood. Her mother then lived outside the aristocratic world, and therefore Diana got to know both worlds. She knew them royal, but could enjoy the freedoms of ordinary people compared to them. As a young woman she moved to London and worked as one teacher in a kindergarten.

The archive photo shows the sibling couple Diana and Charles Spencer in 1968.
© Photo: dpa

Prince Charles met Diana in 1977. At that time, the royal family was looking for a suitable woman British heir to the throne. Queen Elizabeth II was positively noticed by Diana, who was 12 years younger than her. Both the Spencer family and the royal family increasingly tried to put Diana into the prince’s field of vision. But that was probably inside at the time Camilla Shand in love, who was later to marry Andrew Parker Bowles. For reasons that are not clear, the queen felt that Camilla was an unsuitable wife for Charles – which is why he ultimately chose Diana.

On February 6, 1981, Diana and Charles became engaged. that wedding took place on July 29, 1981. Earlier, both Diana and Charles had expressed serious concerns and are said to have tried to cancel the engagement. But they persevered due to pressure from both their families and the British public. Lady Diana later told that during this time her eating disorder (bulimia), which she would struggle with for the rest of her life.

Diana and Charles married in July 1981.

Diana and Charles married in July 1981.
© Photo: dpa

Princess Diana: Birth of William and Harry

After the marriage to Charles, there was probably a phase where it Before of both was good. But this should only be temporary. Diana was plagued by her eating disorder, which worsened as she continued to eat media was tracked. On June 21, 1982, their first son, Prince William, was born. After the birth, she suffered from one postnatal depression. Diana said she received some help or support from her husband or the royal family for her mental illness. At the same time, she was increasingly hailed and celebrated in public – which Charles probably did not like. Several cinemas have written that Charles is likely envious was on the popularity of his wife and took that feeling of inferiority out on her.

Diana, Charles and baby William in 1983.

Diana, Charles and baby William in 1983.
© Photo: dpa

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984. After that, Diana and Charles’ marriage probably went downhill, which was partly due to the fact that Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles resumed their relationship. Diana probably knew about it too, but felt powerless to do anything about it.

Diana and Charles leave the hospital after Prince Harry's birth.

Diana and Charles leave the hospital after Prince Harry’s birth.
© Photo: dpa

By all accounts, Lady Diana was a wonderful woman to her sons mother. Charles and Diana agreed that they did not want to repeat their parents’ mistakes in parenting. Both were involved in their sons’ lives and took them on various trips. In addition, the children should not boarding school to be sent, as both Diana and Charles experienced.

Diana and Charles: alt-book, divorce, divorce

Diana’s depression and eating disorder only got worse in the 80s. In it Press There has been speculation about her health as well as the condition of her marriage to Charles. The relationship between the two was always cooler, which did not go unnoticed in public. In the summer of 1991, Lady Diana decided to be with the journalist Andrew Morten to collaborate on a book about her life and her broken marriage. Like this, but with one of the largest taboo of the royal family, the co-operation had to remain secret. In June 1992, part of the later book was published “Diana – Her True Story“in the newspaper. Although she publicly denied any involvement in the book, it was obvious to both Prince Charles and the public that she was the author of the book. In the newspaper clipping, she told about her bulimiafrom suicide attempt and blamed the royal family for her mental state. The tell-all book probably led to Charles and Diana finally officially divorcing (even though they had lived separately before that).

It was also during this time that it became public knowledge that Camilla and Charles had been dating for years extramarital affair led. The royal family was ridiculed in the press and even doubted the future of the monarchy. In November 1992, Queen Elizabeth II delivered her famous speech marking the year of the monarchy as “annus horibilis“referred to.

Until now, the Queen has supported the couple’s separation, but not theirs divorce. That all changed on November 20, 1995, when an interview with Diana was broadcast in which she questioned, among other things, whether Charles would become a good king. After this, the queen must have asked her son for divorce. In the summer of 1996, they signed the divorce agreement.

A still image from the interview Diana gave in the fall of 1995.

A still image from the interview Diana gave in the fall of 1995.
© Photo: dpa

Lady Diana’s accident and death in Paris

After leaving the royal family, Lady Diana devoted herself to the questions that were important to her. So she spoke for AIDS sufferer and tried to combat the stigma surrounding the disease. She also campaigned for that Prohibition of landmines one. Her involvement in this field increased awareness of the problem, which eventually led to the ban – though only after her death.

Diana’s relationship with the media was especially shattered during this time. She kept complaining about them paparazziwho constantly persecuted her. She once said angrily to a photographer, “You’re making my life hell.” The constant persecution of the press is now recognized as one of those causes named after her accidental death. At the time, Diana was with her new boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed In Paris. The couple had been bullied by the paparazzi during their stay. On the evening of August 30, 1997, the couple had dinner at a hotel in Paris – but saw no possibility of returning to Dodi’s apartment. So they called their driver, Henri Paul, who was actually free. He agreed that he could drive the couple to pick them up and meet them in front of a back entrance to the hotel. As it would later appear, was Henri Paul drunk while driving. After Diana and Dodi left the hotel, the photographers immediately realized what was happening and they started chasing them. There was a real one hunt through the center of Paris. At 00:25 on 31 August, the car crashed at high speed into a tunnel post in an underpass near by Alma bro In Paris. None of those on board were wearing seat belts. Henri Paul, Dodi and Diana all died in the accident. Only one of the bodyguards survived.

View of the car after the accident in which Lady Diana died.

View of the car after the accident in which Lady Diana died.
© Photo: dpa

Funeral and burial of Diana

Lady Diana’s death caused shock and sympathy from the public. Within days, thousands of mourners gathered in front of Buckingham Palace in London Flowers, wreaths and cards leave behind. A true sea of ​​flowers flooded the streets. And again, the royal family was criticized: When Diana was no longer royal, the queen did not see it as her duty to appear in public about Diana’s death. With ever-increasing public pressure and accusations that the royal family cold blood and heartless been, the queen’s mind has changed. She came to London to visit the mourners and appreciate the sea of ​​flowers.

A sea of ​​flowers in memory of Lady Diana after her death in 1997.

A sea of ​​flowers in memory of Lady Diana after her death in 1997.
© Photo: dpa

September 6, 1997 funeral instead of. The funeral was attended by 2,000 people, 32 million people watched it on television in the UK and two billion viewers worldwide. It is still one of the most watched events on TV to this day. To dig of Diana on an island in Althrop Park. The island is called “The Island of Tears”. There is also one there monument for Lady Diana.

Aerial photo of Lady Diana's memorial where her grave is located.

Aerial photo of Lady Diana’s memorial where her grave is located.
© Photo: dpa

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