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Mother “ofPearl ”jewelry version staged Belledor with Perlemors magi. The beautiful porcelain handle, the trademark the classyousch-elegant collectionappears refined in rarefines sparkling mother of pearlOptics. Zyour introduction the innovative version walks Jorger as well new, creative ways and surprised with a brochure of the special kind.

The noble and valuable character of the porcelain inspired Oliver Jörger to the exquisite design of “Belledor”. The unmistakable feature of the exclusive series are the pass handles made of the finest Fürstenberg porcelain in the form of a closed lotus flower.

With the new “Mother-of-Pearl” edition, designer Oliver Jörger has reinvented his “Belledor” in a very decorative way, putting yet another innovative design highlight in the development of this unique, exclusive collection far beyond the mainstream.

The “Belledor – Mother of Pearl” edition celebrates its premiere in a brochure specially dedicated to it. Elegantly and aesthetically designed inside and out, it presents the edition in a new, very creative and appealing informative way. She impresses with fabulously beautiful pictures. Exemplary impressions of the brochure are online in the image gallery for this news. The brochure “Mother of Pearl” can be downloaded from Jörger’s website.

Innovative and unique: the new “Belledor – Mother of Pearl” edition from Jörger

The “Mother-of-Pearl” jewelry edition pays homage to the mother-of-pearl magic and presents “Belledor” with porcelain handles in a sophisticated, glittering mother-of-pearl look. The 3D flower shape of the handles visibly acquires a lively expression through this look. Overall, the timelessly elegant “Belledor” luminaire design has a new look and unfolds the potential for unprecedented, extraordinarily elegant and extravagant looks.

The new creation enchants with four colored, elegantly shiny versions of the porcelain handle: “Mother of Pearl”, “Gold”, “Platinum” and “Azure Blue”.

Innovative PVD finish from Fürstenberg or: the extra layer for an elegant look

The new decorative handles are exclusively made by Fürstenberg, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of exquisite manufactory porcelain. The extraordinarily elegant jewelery design in the “Mother-of-Pearl” edition is based on an innovative and state-of-the-art technical PVD finishing method from the German porcelain specialist.

PVD is the abbreviation for the English term “Physical Vapor Deposition” and generally describes a group of vacuum-based coating processes. The PVD finish is used for decorative surface treatment and has been used as such in the watch and jewelry industry for some time.

Four design proposals for the market launch of Jörger’s “Mother-of-Pearl” edition

For the launch of the “Mother of Pearl” edition, the design factory Mannheim presents the four new “Belledor” porcelain designs in conjunction with selected Jörger surface designs. This results in new, surprising looks for the “Belledor” fittings, each with their own aesthetic and stylistic value.

  • “Belledor” in rose gold with porcelain handle in “mother of pearl”
  • “Belledor” in chrome with porcelain handle in “Azure”
  • “Belledor” in precious brass with porcelain handle in “Gold”
  • “Belledor” in platinum with porcelain handle in “platinum”

Depending on the taste and style, each of the four porcelain handles can of course also be designed with any of the 16 in-house surfaces and finishes that Jörger has in his portfolio for the “Belledor” collection.

From romantic to classic elegant to avant-garde and luxurious – the new looks from “Belledor” always offer plenty of potential for your own creativity and individual design requirements.

New brochure for the “Belledor – Mother of Pearl” edition can be downloaded

Aesthetics, creativity and quality are always top priorities at Jörger. This also applies to the brochures that the design company usually creates, designs and implements itself. Jörger Design is committed – at all levels.

The Jörger team came up with something special, even original, for the digital brochure for the new “Mother of Pearl” edition. The cover is adorned with a simple but artistic drawing that characteristically depicts a lotus flower shape. Simple, noble, aesthetic.

The interior work of the brochure, which is rich in pictures, is also impressive. Sensationally beautiful and brilliant images, together with short accompanying texts, present the edition in an expressive and informative way. Full, large format, illustrated double sides stage a classic elegant bathroom design based on “Belledor” in silver nickel with porcelain handles in mother of pearl look. A feast for the senses. Guaranteed.

The exclusively digital “Belledor – Mother of Pearl” brochure is now available for download (PDF 2.9 MB) in a bilingual German-English and Russian-English edition on Jörger’s website: / service.

Experience the entire “Belledor” collection – links to further information on Jörger’s website

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