Art workshop in Arche in Frankfurt: Water motifs transform children into proud artists


Frankfurt am Main (ots)

The “Arche” children’s foundation provides more than 4,500 socially disadvantaged children and young people with healthy food every day in 28 places in Germany and provides them with comprehensive care. To promote the creativity and environmental awareness of children and young people, five art workshops on the subject of “water” were held in April at Arche’s sites in Frankfurt. Artists from the Frankfurt Painting Party supervised the workshops, which were initiated and supported by the drinking water expert BRITA. Now an exhibition in Frankfurt-Griesheim showed the colorful pictures. BRITA honored the most beautiful works of art by children and young people with awards and praised all participants for their great artistic commitment.

“There was a very special atmosphere in the Arche, and it was nice to experience the enthusiasm and love with which the children concentrated on painting their water pictures,” says Daniel Schröder, head of the Frankfurter Arche, about the workshops. “Drawing on your own gave children and young people a whole new approach to the interaction between water, nature, animals and humans,” noted Steffen Fölsch, Senior Specialist Marketing PR DACH at BRITA, the work of children and young people.

BRITA has for a long time helped the approximately 400 children in the Frankfurter Arche to appreciate water. The company points out that tap water has less impact on the environment and climate than bottled water, generates significantly less waste and is cheaper. That’s why BRITA equipped all Arches Frankfurt locations for free with water dispensers last year, giving children and young people unlimited access to chilled, stagnant and sparkling tap water.

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BRITA is a significant driving force behind the shift from bottled water to tap water. More than 20 billion liters of drinking water worldwide flow through BRITA products each year – saving billions of bottles. Many consumers use BRITA water filters to reduce the hardness of the water and to optimize the taste of the tap water. The company thus makes a significant contribution to making tap water more attractive and making it easier for skeptics to switch from bottle to tap and create confidence in their own tap water. Numerous environmental protection measures from BRITA, such as the recycled program for used filter cartridges, continuously improve the company’s ecological footprint. In late 2020, water expert BRITA launched the #hahntrinker movement. Convinced tap water drinkers are urging other people on the social web to switch to sustainable water drinking. More information under #hahntrinker on Instagram or

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