“There’s a lot of speed in there”

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Something surprising: Marcel Schlosser (CDU) won the mayoral election in Grünberg with 51.3 percent against the incumbent Frank Ide (FW). 100 days ago, he sat for the first time in the town hall’s executive chair. But there was no time to slowly settle in, not just because of the 800th anniversary. In the interview, he reports, among other things, a high work pace and unfriendly speeches.

Sir. Schlosser, you were most recently cashier at Laubach-Lich city service. Do you sometimes still wake up and think, “Gosh, you’re the mayor now!”

The change happened quickly. But sometimes I get the feeling that I have not really noticed it yet. It’s a huge difference you are in a way at the bottom, the decision is made: A or B?

A new boss, who is quite young for it, comes to the town hall, and it does not always go smoothly …

Well, I was on the “other side” for years. Finally, one of the tasks of a city council member is to control the administration. Nevertheless, I was received well and without reservation. It was good that I already knew many of them. However, I did not immediately offer “you” to everyone.

What kind of relationship do you strive for with your employees?

I want collegiality and loyalty, I want to communicate at eye level. So far, I have been able to live up to the demands I make on myself to maintain an open, collaborative leadership style. Only: I make the decisions in the end and it has to be respected.

The most positive impression after 100 days boss?

I’m especially glad there’s such a good atmosphere in the house now. As I was told, people sometimes even laugh in the hallway and are very motivated despite all the work.

Is it true that you would still like to have an assessment interview with each of the 241 employees, 120 of them in day care?

Yes, it’s about figuring out where everyone’s problem is, what suggestions and desires they have. 71 calls, between 20 and 60 minutes, have already been completed.

If trash cans overflow or ditches are not cleared, the mayor is the first to notice. How is the construction site?

We are in the process of implementing the organization report from a specialist office. Which, incidentally, did not go down well with the employees. As far as the deficiencies identified by the accident insurance company are concerned, the most urgent ones have been remedied. Two more gardeners were also hired, so we are now well placed in terms of staff.

Too little labor, the only problem?

I think there was a lack of appreciation above all else.

Too few employees in times of tight budgets, how to deal with it?

The construction department is particularly affected. Currently 20 to 30 construction and civil engineering measures – each. New major projects such as the Lehnheim equipment shed and, and, and. They can not keep up. It may be that politics is also part of the blame, as DGH Harbach could have screwed up expectations elsewhere.

But will not two new forces be hired?

Yes, we are in the process of doing so. But the market has been emptied and qualified engineers and technicians are hard to come by. There are also delivery issues. The new employees need to be trained now, so we’ll see.

More clean streets, more security – a requirement in her election campaign. How is it ordered?

Then it burned. But we have recently hired two hippos, one already has his order, so traffic checks are possible again. Two or three more posts, for example for the head office and the antechamber, and the staffing needs would be covered.

Let us hope for you that the exchange also sees it that way. How is the relationship with “the other side”?

We can be happy: unlike elsewhere, people get along well in Grünberg.

… also with the Free Voters?

It is clear that the election defeat still bothers the free voters, they no longer nominate the mayor, and the first city council member was “taken” from them. But we got that clarified in a conversation. But also conveyed: The voters have decided. Now you can see how we felt (FW man Ide ended the era with CDU mayors in Grünberg in 2004, the red).

Budget deficit of 2.7 million, inflation, no more road contributions – will you soon have to explain to the citizens tax increases?

An increase in property taxes will be necessary in one way or another, the rising energy prices are also affecting us.

But you also called for the abolition of the toll, which rips in around 700,000 euros.

Yes, but I would have waited a bit to see how the business tax develops once Lumda Business Park is established. Two hearts beat in my chest. On the one hand, I think that the abolition is good, as other municipalities have also made the same decision. As head of administration, however, I know the burden on the city coffers.

Is there ebb in the city coffers?

No, at the moment it seems that we can almost make up the deficit. The trade tax is far higher than expected, the costs below, also because positions could not be filled. After a cash collapse in the fall, we should decide. If we raise the rate moderately from 396 percent, but remain among the municipalities with the lowest rates, we are still attractive.

The decision is ultimately made by the exchange. How do you understand your task in relation to the plenary?

I see the office as presenting all the facts and variants in accordance with the principles of truth and clarity. Just as we are now initiating a preliminary study for a new building for the day care institution Lumda in addition to a conversion. How it should ultimately be is a matter for politics.

Looking to the near future, what else is on your agenda?

In addition to the construction projects and the business area, we are busy with the fiber-optic expansion, which Telekom has recently set as a goal for 2023 for the core city.

What has priority?

It is clear the lack of demand for day care institutions. Also in the core town, where a fourth plant in Schwedendorf is underway. The basic rule for me is: first work the huge investment backlog, there is already a lot of momentum in it. And: Give no promises that can not be kept.

100 days – without any disappointment?

No, almost four weeks into the job, I got six or seven unfriendly positions. Then it was said, “What about the promised indoor pool !?” There was no promise, only the promise to discuss it again. But it does not work without an investor. I could also imagine a canopy for the outdoor pool as an alternative.

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