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For many children, the holiday is the best time of the year. Especially the summer holidays often drag on for quite some time. So it’s nice when the parents have some ideas to come up with how the free time can be entertaining. This guide shares some tips and tricks for the holiday season and explains how to make it an unforgettable time for both kids and adults. © andrewharkness CCO Public Domain – Time spent together is the best thing about vacation.

projects in nature

The summer holidays are ideal for spending quality time in nature and experiencing adventure there. For example, it is very fun to build a wooden house and have adventures there. The good thing about it: The construction is a lot of fun and takes a few days. The wooden house can then be used for good games. In addition, all family members can participate in the project and contribute their own personal competencies.

Many children also think it is great to make ships out of wood and let them float on a river. Others like to write long, detailed letters, which they send in a message in a bottle. It is also very fun to light a fire in a suitable place. The wood is gathered, the fire is lit and then you can cook marshmallows over it. Combined with an exciting story, such an evening becomes a holiday highlight.

visit zoos

Many children will be happy to explore zoos during the holidays. This is of course due to the many fascinating animals there. If you ask children what they liked most about the zoo, many will mention the adventure playground. This is because many zoos go to great lengths to design unusual and exciting playgrounds. At the same time, many children are enthusiastic about the children’s zoo. Here they come into close contact with the animals, can pet and feed them and become friends with them.

It is a good idea to explore the best zoos in the area during the holidays. In the hometown’s zoo, the children are often already on hiking days with the school. In return, it is a great adventure to take a train ride together to another city or somewhere and see how zoos are decorated there. Such trips can often be completed on a day trip. For zoos located further away, however, it may be a good idea to spend the night there so you do not have to take the train home in the evening.

Enjoy and family vacation

For many, a family vacation by the sea is the best way to spend the holiday season. © noahhurricane45 CCO Public Domain – For many, a family vacation by the sea is the best way to spend the holiday season.

An absolute highlight of the summer holidays is a family holiday together. Here the children have the opportunity to learn and explore completely new worlds. Especially city kids love to be by the sea and play on the beach. They are also excited to go on mountain hikes and get a top experience. What is especially nice about such a family vacation is that all family members take part and take time for each other.

In order for the family holiday to be a complete success, it is important to find a suitable home. A child-friendly hotel in South Tyrol is perfect for a family holiday. From here it is easy to take good trips out into the surrounding nature or to reach large metropolises and cities. It is important that the accommodation organizes a good program for children and offers an atmosphere where the offspring feels completely comfortable.

Get active in sports

During the holidays, it’s fun to be active in sports and to push your own boundaries. Children are enthusiastic about swimming, i.a. Here, it does not matter whether a trip to a cozy quarry pond or to a large fun pool awaits. Here children can learn to swim and have fun splashing around and diving. However, it is important that the offspring are always supervised during swimming.

Other families decide to go on long bike rides in the surrounding area. There is always the opportunity to take breaks to picnic, swim, visit a museum or try an adventurous forest trail. In addition, there are many children to be found in climbing parks during the summer holidays. Here you can climb between the crowns of the tall trees and are well secured. But there should also be time available during the holidays for football, mini golf and hiking.

Research and support insects

There are a gigantic number of insects in the world that are useful to humans. It is therefore worth taking trips to a field or a forest and see what insects live there. Some of them like spiders or earthworms can be collected and kept close for a while. Here it is important to take care of the animals and give them everything they need. In this way, the children playfully learn something about the world around them and overcome their fear of insects or other small animals.

Since insects are incredibly important to humanity, an environment that is as insect-friendly as possible should be created. Flowers that bees absolutely need can be planted in your own garden. That way, you can create your own little beds and offer the animals a friendly environment. In addition, individual insect hotels for the garden are extremely popular. With a little luck, insects will settle in the garden, making it a colorful place of joy. The preparation and care of the beds and the hotel is a lot of fun and a good project that can be continued after the holidays.


The beauty of children is that they are quick and easy to get excited about. Parents should try to introduce their children to a wide range of leisure activities during the holidays. In this way, the children expand their horizons, acquire new skills and have a lot of fun with it. It is important to take into account the interests and personality of the children and do things together with those that suit them. The summer holidays fly by, but there are many unforgettable beautiful memories left.

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